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What you’ll learn
Receive a certificate of completion after finishing the course.
Understand what goes into writing exceptional copy.
Learn the copywriting secrets of top journalists.
Immediately add style and flair to your writing.
Learn powerful writing and editing tactics together.
Upgrade your writing skills in record time.
Discover a fast track to writing well.
A basic knowledge of grammar may be helpful.
A computer or laptop is needed to participate in writing and editing exercises.
Do you wish there was a shortcut to writing well?Thankfully, there is.And you’ll find it here in A Crash Course in Copywriting, Shani Raja’s latest course. As the title suggests, this course puts you on the fast track to writing better copy of all types-from college papers and business reports to blogposts and content marketing.The quick-fire training is ideal for busy people who lack the time or patience to sit through in-depth courses on writing or editing.For anyone new to his work, Shani Raja was a distinguished journalist for more than two decades. His experience includes writing for The Economist, the Financial Times and Bloomberg News and editing for Dow Jones Newswires and The Wall Street Journal. So he knows a fair bit about crafting captivating copy every day for millions of global readers. In this course, he share his trade secrets so that you, too, can enjoy crafting standout copy any time you choose. Maximum Learning in Minimum TimeShani already has several bestselling courses here on Udemy, including Writing With Flair, Ninja Writing and Editing Mastery. These highly popular programs all teach people how to become exceptional writers.The main difference is that this crash course combines, compresses, consolidates and commingles those techniques to teach you how to become an exceptional writer very quickly-in just four hours to be exact.Pulling the best bits from those other highly acclaimed programs, Shani has created A Crash Course in Copywriting to deliver maximum learning in minimum time-so students can quickly produce to-quality business, academic and online copywriting.”Content and delivery are amazing.” — Alan Gray”Really impactful” — Jahada Tamanna”Impressive and profound.” — Bode O”Perfect.” — Mina Lee”One of the best lectures I have ever attended.” — Karen TovmasyanTHIS COURSE INEVITABLY GOES OVER GROUND COVERED IN SHANI RAJA’S OTHER PROGRAMS-THOUGH WITH TONS OF FRESH EXAMPLES, EXERCISES AND EXPLANATIONS. TEST-DRIVE THE PROGRAM TO SEE IF IT’S RIGHT FOR YOU WITH UDEMY’S 30-DAY MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE.In record time, Shani shows you how writers and editors on leading newspapers perform the magic of turning dreary grey copy into spectacularly dazzling prose.The course starts by teaching students essential “mindset” principles such as:what aspirations, values and habits to adopt in order to become an “elite” writer quicklyhow to train yourself to become more articulate and eloquentunderstanding the critical difference between the tone and content of a piece of writingShani then treats students to a whistle-stop tour of the four ingredients of exceptional writing: simplicity, clarity, elegance and evocativeness, which graduates of his flagship course, Writing With Flair, should already be familiar with. Shani reminds students how to:use simplicity to make your writing snappy, plain and straightforwarduse clarity to make your words precise, focused and specificuse elegance to make your prose tidy, graceful and musicaluse evocativeness to make your copy lively, forceful and colourfulAfterwards, Shani teaches students how to edit their writing with flair-sharing strategies and perspectives covered at greater length in Editing Mastery. Here you’ll learn:how to edit the content dimension of your writinghow to edit the structure dimension of your writinghow to edit the style dimension of your writinghow to edit the presentation dimension of your writingWith this program’s uniquely combined focus on writing and editing, students walk away

A Crash Course In Copywriting

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