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> Understand the mindset of a 6-figure AdPreneur; if you’ve ever said (or thought) ‘who am I to run ads?’ I’ve got you covered with a mindset-shaping lesson, and establish authority even when you’re just starting out.
> How to attract your first few perfect clients as well as use advanced client attraction strategies as you gain traction and momentum in your ads business.
> Discover your unique skill set and how you can use it to differentiate yourself as an ads manager.
> You’ll learn not only how to price your services, but also create packages that make your proposals stand out and the decision to work with you a no-brainer.


> Discover how to stand out by implementing a seamless and professional onboarding experience for clients.
> Find out ways to organise your clients and create a flawless system to manage their documents, assets, invoices, agreement, etc.
> How to enhance client communications, set boundaries, manage expectations and avoid conflict.
> We explore different options for reporting to clients, as well as a downloadable reporting template.


> We unpack my Beyond The Ads framework and look at how to achieve amazing results for clients, as well as how to use it in discovery calls, kick-off calls and in campaigns.
> You’ll get access to the launch ads budget calculator, and how to understand metrics and audit results.
> We’ll look at the audience, messaging, writing copy, and designing scroll-stopping ads.
> Find out what different funnels look like, how to design them, create them, set them up, what to look out for, and what you should (and shouldn’t!) be responsible for as an ad manager.


> We get ‘in the weeds’ of Ads Manager where you’ll ensure your client has ‘good’ account housekeeping, and what they need to do to become iOS compliant.
> Learn about pixels, events, audiences, retargeting, lookalikes and targeting research and options.
> You’ll discover the ‘right’ way to set up campaigns, as well as some little tricks and hacks that you probably never knew existed in Ads Manager!
> We also get technical in terms of best practices for testing ads, optimising (killing the ones that aren’t working) and scaling the ads that are working.
> We explore policy, why it’s important, and the main factors you (as an ads manager) need to always keep in mind when creating your ads to ensure they don’t get rejected.

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AdPreneur Academy – Self-study

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