Alex Tooby – Infamous to Influential

  • You have a business or blog but you aren’t getting enough traffic to your website or social media
  • You have valuable products & services but you’re struggling to make sales
  • You’re gaining followers but they aren’t your ideal audience or potential customers
  • You’re posting great content but aren’t getting enough likes and comments
  • You know the potential in using Instagram but you feel like it’s taking too much time to see results
  • You desperately need your side business to take off so you can leave your 9 to 5

Just a few years ago Alex was confined to an office chair for 8 hours a day. She was living pay cheque to pay cheque, barely making ends meet and turning down nights out with friends because she simply couldn’t afford it.
Then, she took matters into my own hands and started a side gig.Alexknew social media was the key to my success so began exploring her options, trying to find the platform that would generate the most sales.

Here’s what she found:

  • Facebook was practically useless unless you had a budget for advertising (She was eating mac & cheese for dinner, there was NO budget!)
  • Twitter was a ghost town. Tweets and DM’s were so obviously automated, it never felt like there was real interaction.
  • Pinterest was fun to say the least, but without a large following or access to the right boards, generating any business was tough.
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