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The “Core” Program – What You Need to Start Your 10-Minute Workday Business

This is the meat of it right here.

12 “deep dive” instructional webinar courses from Ben on all the aspects of setting up and launching your 10-Minute Workday “no-client” email business.

Session 1 – “Like A Bum Who Gets Paid” – Ben’s introduction to the program and the “10-Minute” lifestyle. and why anyone who loves to write can have an email business like Ben’s.

Session 2 – “Be A Master Of Markets” – Ben’s step-by-step instructions for this crucial step: identifying the ideal “starving market” for you to write about.

Session 3 – “The Perfect Product” – Every “10-Minute Email” you write will sell a product that’s valuable to your market. That’s your income stream. Ben will help you find or create it – a product you can sell once and have it pay you forever. that’s scalable. and that your market craves.

Session 4 – “The Stupid Simple Funnel” – The great thing about the 10-Minute Workday program is its simplicity: People find you, they opt in, you send them an email every day that links to a sales page, they buy, and you make money. The Stupid Simple Funnel shows you how it all works.

Session 5 – “The Optimum Opt-In Page” – Again, a model of simplicity: one page, a strong promise, some lines of credibility, and an ethical “bribe.” Ben shows you how to put it all together – in a day or less.

Session 6 – “Slacker Proof Sales Letters” – Ben’s very own, highly tested, extremely effective method of writing “not-so-perfect” sales letters broken down into five easy steps.

Session 7 – The Email Players Crash Course – The three-part, in-depth training session that teaches you how to write edgy, engaging, memorable, and highly effective daily emails just like Ben – plus an invaluable 30-day “Get Great at Email” Game Plan.

Session 8 – List-Building Lovin’ – Growing your list of readers is crucial to the success and growth of your 10-Minute Workday business. In this session, Ben shows you over 50 ways to drive thousands of eager, starving buyers to your opt-in page each and every day.

Session 9 – The Painless Product Launch – The more products you have, the more things you can sell, and the more money you have flowing to you. Ben is a master at the “new product launch” and reveals his surefire four-step process for making sure every new product launch is a huge success.

Session 10 – “Unbaffling The Backend” – Your best buyers are people who have bought from you before. They love you and want to buy more. Ben will show you how to turn this “love affair” into a source of even bigger income.

Session 11 – Obey Operation Money-Suck – Ben’s #1 business strategy of only focusing things that make you money – and leaving all the other stuff (fulfillment, product delivery, payment processing, web design, web hosting, and other “administrative” tasks) to others.

Session 12 – Wrapping It All Up – Ben’s tips for “getting it done”. how to stay on track. and ways to make sure you’re optimizing every aspect of the 10-Minute Workday program so you can start enjoying the “10-Minute Workday” life as quickly as possible.

So you see – it’s all here.

A “soup-to-nuts” strategy on how to build and launch your very own six-figure email copywriting business – modeled after Ben’s very own.

And to make sure you don’t miss one single word of it – you’ll not only get access to each full webinar. but also an audio version. a transcript of all the sessions and printable versions of every webinar slide for easy “anytime” viewing.

But that’s not all you’ll get.

There’s also:

Your Complete Library of Business-Building “Power Bonuses”
Naturally, Ben and AWAI want to give you everything you need to succeed – and then some.

So we’ve assembled a very long line of special bonuses – interviews, essays, reports, and special learning tools designed to broaden your knowledge of the business and “drive home” the basic strategies you’ll need to know to be successful.

Here’s just some of the special “added perks” you’ll get:

Four of the Most “Pertinent-to-You” Issues of Ben’s Industry Renowned “Email Players” and “Crypto Marketing” Newsletters – printed and mailed to you in a custom folder:

Issue #1 – “How to Clear Six-Figures Per Year Writing a Couple of Emails Per Day”. an incredibly concise four-part recap of Ben’s highly successful email writing business model, with focus on how to build income streams. how to research your market. how to get all the “tactical” stuff right. and how Sean D’Souza’s “sequential selling” secret can virtually guarantee your success.

Issue #2 – “The Cheapskate’s Guide to Using Just One Email Per Day to Build a Hotlist of Leads Eager to Buy From You” – Classic Ben, where he implores you to use his “12 simple strategies” for taking material you’ve already written and use them to grow your list by leaps and bounds! Plus, a few “bonus secrets” for growing your business.

Issue #3 – Anatomy of a Mega Successful Product Launch Using Nothing But “Lowly” Emails – Ben’s incredibly simple four-step “A-D-S-D” strategy for creating a highly profitable launch sequence for any and all new products you decide to create – and all it takes is a strategically structured “10-Minute Email”!

Issue #4 – How to Write, Produce, and Profit from Print Newsletters – Ben’s favorite way to turn your “10-Minute Email” business into a thriving success. Once you have your template (which Ben will give you), they’re easy and fast to produce. offer great value to your readers. come with a high profit margin. and can be “repurposed” in so many ways that can grow your business.

Three powerful and useful videos where he breaks down and analyzes in incredible detail three of his most successful “10-Minute Emails”:

Video One: “Going to the Dark Side” – an analysis one of the most “controversial” emails Ben has ever written. and how “rattling” your reader can make your email stand out in even the busiest of email inboxes.
Video Two: “Assault Their Insecurities” – here, Ben explains why the counterintuitive idea that readers want you to expose and address their insecurities can make you a more successful email and copywriter than 99% of the writers working today.
Video Three: “A Lonely Place of Buying” – how focusing on this little addressed but powerful emotion you can not only win your reader’s loyalty, but you can use this unique “bond” to double, even triple your sales whenever you use this approach.
The Ultimate Ben Settle Email “Inspiration” File – 20 of Ben’s most successful “10-Minute Emails” that you can read, study, dissect, and use as inspiration when you start writing your own emails.

And that’s not all.

As part of this “email bonus package,” Ben includes five (5) copyright-free email templates you can use and adapt for your own email business. however you choose!

“The Lost Tapes” – Backroom Interviews with three of the legends of copywriting. The sound’s not so great. but the content? It’s not to be missed. (We’ve included a transcript so you catch every single word):

“Lost Tape” Interview #1 – Ben talks with copywriting legend Doug D’Anna about a secret not one in 1,000 writers knows: why a properly written “boring” headline will outperform “exciting” headlines a majority of the time.Also: why people don’t buy “benefits” (and what they buy instead). the secret of making people want to buy from you and you only. What football legend Joe Montana can teach you about copywriting. how to constantly sell throughout your ad without even mentioning your product. and more!

“Lost Tape” Interview #2 – One of the most successful and respected copywriters on the planet David Deutsch reveals his “Hey Mitch” secret for knowing if the copy you just wrote is “great copy” or not – without guessing or testing.Also: How to make “technical” facts about your product sound fun and fascinating. 4 things every copywriter MUST know about design. A secret “backdoor” way to break into the direct-mail industry. When you should NOT write in a smooth, “conversational” tone (and instead use stilted, boring “corporate speak”). plus the “Copywriting Secret ‘A‐List’ Copywriters Privately Talk About with Each Other. But Almost Never Discuss Publicly”. and more.

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