[FREE DOWNLOAD] Best of Copywriting: Copywriting 4 Ecommerce + 46 Templates

What you’ll learn
Subscriber welcome email template
Time limited subscriber only email offer
Sales letter template for ecommerce products
Landing Page template for ecommerce
Product description template for ecommerce
Sample Instagram Ecommerce Engagement Post
Sample Instagram Product Showcase Post
Sample Instagram Ecommerce Ad
Ultimate Facebook Ad template for ecommerce
Super Short Facebook Ad to Boost ecommerce traffic
Facebook promotional ecommerce post
Sample LinkedIn Ad Template
Incentive to purchase website pop up reminder template
Email reminder to purchase template
The Ecommerce Product Comparison
Guest blog outreach template
Influencer outreach template
Twitter Ad to push traffic to your online store
Twitter Post to boost engagement & sign ups
YouTube Channel Description Template
YouTube Video DescriptionTemplate
Press Release template for your product launch
Ecommerce Copywriting Guide
Learn how to create content that persuades, attracts, and converts with our expert templates that you customise to suit your own products.
Discover what you need to do and WHY with easy step by step templates – then save hours of time by quickly tweaking them so they fit your needs exactly.
We’ve developed this course to offer you practical, workable ways to achieve ecommerce SEO copywriting success, so you can quickly and easily get ranked on Google and boost your bottom line.
Inside you’ll find…
Practical content marketing templates for ecommerce website copy – learn what goes where and WHY
Easy step by steps to finding GREAT KEYWORDS – for your homepage, product pages, about pages and product descriptions
Checklists you can run through – to steer you to Ecommerce copywriting success
Strategy tip lists you can follow – improve your Ecommerce copywriting approach
Technical SEO tips to help boost your website’s Google ranking – so you Sell More!
SEO – the Key to your Ecommerce Strategy
SEO is essential for Ecommerce and it will be the founding launchpad for the success of all your campaigns. It’s such a crucial element because without a good SEO strategy, no one knows you exist, and they can’t find you in Google Search.
Google Search is still the No 1 way people search for – and discover new products and services, so your SEO focus needs to be focused on ranking well on this platform. Once customers find you in Google, and click through to visit your website landing page, or ecommerce store, you need to present them with website content that persuades them that you are the best option.
Optimising your website copy allows you to maximise your chances of getting found by ready-to-spend consumers without the expense of paid-for ads. It’s definitely not something to overlook, and in this guide you’ll find a number of practical templates you can easily tweak, to help you present visitors with the perfect content.
If you put in just a little effort AND use the blueprints and the strategies outlined in this guide, you should soon start seeing an improvement in your approach to ecommerce SEO.

Best of Copywriting: Copywriting 4 Ecommerce + 46 Templates

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