[GROUP BUY] Brooke Castillo – Monday Hour One (Time Management)

Monday Hour One will give you more time. Much more.

It will…

Free up your mind so you can focus on one task at a time
Create more balance in your life
Help you enjoy your downtime
Teach you how to follow through on your word
Give you peace of mind knowing no little tasks will get lost

Plus, you’ll get so much more done.

It’ll blow your mind.

Monday Hour One will be the best hour you spend each week. (You may even start to look forward to it because of how amazing you feel afterwards.)

Many people just use calendars for appointments or meetings they have with other people.

And a to do list often becomes an endless list of tasks you keep putting off and feel terrible about.

This course will teach you that your calendar is for more than just your appointments, and your to do list is no longer necessary. (You’ll wonder why you ever used one before.)

Monday Hour One introduces you to a new, simple process.

A task list is just step one.

And you haven’t even been using it the way we do yet.

We have used it to create an extra day’s worth of time.

Every week.

If you think you’re too busy to do Monday Hour One, then you need it more than anyone. Promise.

Brooke Castillo – Monday Hour One (Time Management)