[BUY] E-Com Unmasked Summit 2020

30+ Marketing Legends Reveal Everything You Need to Pivot Toward Prosperity and Grow a Successful E-Commerce Store in 2020 During These Uncertain Times

Let’s Face It.
We are going through some really tough times right now.

Many E-commerce businesses have stalled or shut down thanks to COVID-19 and a lot of people are down and uncertain of the future.

However, there are many upsides to this crisis that could trigger a flood of sales and take your E-Com business to the next level while the rest of the world decides to Netflix and chill:

Email open rates are way up. That means there are greater opportunities to get more attention, boost your sales, and forge unbreakable bonds with your community that’ll pay huge dividends during this crisis and after.

Social media posts are getting more likes, comments and shares. That’s because people have more free time these days, which gives you a great opportunity to spread your message and boost your following while the rest of the world (including your competitors) sit on the sidelines.

Ad costs are way down. Partly because most people aren’t advertising as much because they’re frozen by fear and uncertainty. This gives you an opportunity to boost your exposure and take advantage of the increased traffic on social media sites for a fraction of the cost several weeks ago.

This Is a Great Time to Lead and Ethically Use This Crisis as an Opportunity to Elevate Your E-Commerce Business

Because what most E-Com business owners are doing is listening to fear mongers on 24/7 news and wasting time on social media instead of aggressively getting in front of their market.

They’re not spending money on ads. They’re not acquiring leads. And they’re not building relationships with their community because they’re paralyzed by fear.

However, there are a few savvy and brave E-Com business owners who will embrace the uncertainty and exploit the opportunities that lie ahead.

What We Are Covering in the Summit

Inspiration For Today’s Moment – You’ll discover essential mindset shifts that’ll help stay positive during these tough times and step up while everyone else is retreating and playing it safe.

Starting An E-commerce Company – Don’t have an E-Com business? No problem. You’ll discover how to get started right away so you can take advantage of the pockets of opportunity that’ll emerge in the “New Economy” after this crisis is over.

Creating A Brand Story And Experience – NOW is the time to gain massive awareness while the rest of the world is on pause. You’ll discover how to stand out from the crowd, craft an attractive message, and become #1 in your market while your competition is pulling back.

Creating A Store That Performs – You’ll discover how to boost your conversions and ignite your sales, even during these tough times when it seems like everyone is scared and hesitant to spend money because of fear of the unknown.

Exiting The Company – You’ll discover how to transform your E-Com business into a sale-able asset that’ll allow you to comfortably exit the company and make a substantial profit.




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