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My course teaches you 5 unique ways you can increase your or your clients email engagement (i.e. open rates and click through rates) as well as your email revenue using my email marketing tips.
My Advanced Ecommerce Email Marketing Strategies Mini Course contains 5 lessons that you can’t learn anywhere else. This content isn’t something you can find on YouTube or Google. And frankly, these 5 advanced email marketing tactics won’t be found in any other courses.
Those 5 lessons I’ll teach you are:
1. An interesting way to convert subscribers that churn.

Learn how we helped 1 of our clients convert 113 people for a total of $3,746.77 in revenue in just 5 weeks from this tactic alone.
2. Using forms in an untraditional way to drive revenue.

Learn how we helped 1 of our clients convert 214 subscribers into customers for a total of $11,310 in revenue in just under a year through the use of a single form.
3. Unlock insights on your audience through their behavior and create flows around the insights you collect.

Learn how we unlock awesome subscriber insights & then funnel them into flows that drive crazy engagement and solid revenue.
4. Tag VIPs + sell them more products by sending them relevant content.

Over the past couple of month’s we’ve drove $8,120 in revenue for a single client from this.
5. A successful and interesting way we’re cross-selling/upselling customers.

We’re driving tons of repeat purchases fairly quickly from our clients customers from this tactic.
Who is This For?

ALL Ecommerce/DTC Brands should be leveraging these advanced email marketing strategies.
As such all Ecommerce/DTC agencies and freelancers should be well versed in these email marketing strategies.
Still unsure of what you get inside my new Gumroad email marketing course?

It’s based on (really) advanced tactics for email.
Stuff 99% of ecom stores and agencies know NOTHING about.
Which means: This course is for advanced marketers.

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Chase Dimond – Advanced Ecommerce Email Marketing Strategies

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