Chris Orzechowski – Quick And Dirty Sales Letter

Write A High-Converting Sales Letter In As Little As A Day

I’m about to show you a much faster way to write sales letters for your products and services… so you’ll never have to agonize over a “blank page” again.
The best part? I’ll even give you the exact framework I use so all you have to do is “add in” your own copy and start making sales in no time.

[b]What You Get:[/b]

  • My 20-point sales letter template that I use to guide my writing for every sales letter I write. It’s broken up into sections that give you a proven formula for assembling sales letters fast.
  • A video training on how to use the template, so you can simply “fill in” your copy into the right sections… and end up with a sales letter that gets the job done and makes sales.
  • A breakdown of a sales letter I wrote for a physical product that ended up making my client a lot more than he expected.
  • A breakdown of a SaaS Product sales letter I wrote, which shows an easy way to “pare down” my template into even less steps… while still having a smooth, flowing letter that sells.
  • A line-by-line breakdown of a sales letter I wrote that wound up earning $1,000,000+ sales in 13 months flat. Since then, it’s been consistently chugging along earning over $50k/month (this is probably a conservative estimate) for my clients.
  • A breakdown of a sales letter for a digital course that only took me a day to write.
  • A breakdown of a sales letter I wrote in a “hobby market” that launched a brand new product with great success.
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