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How To Find An Audience And A Topic

Most coaches make the mistake of picking the wrong kind of audience and topic.
This results in very few people showing up for the event and disappointing results. I don’t want this to happen to you.
Instead, you’ll discover how to pick a hungry audience that will turn into raving fans at your virtual event.
You’ll also discover how to choose a great topic that’ll get your audience excited to attend your virtual event.
This is something we’ve dialed in after many years of putting on live and virtual events.
So why try to “reinvent the wheel” when you can simply copy our successes?


How To Decide Your Hot Event Title Name

The event name is huge when it comes to getting people to your virtual event.
It has to practically jump off the page (or website) and get people to say, “I want to come to that event!”
I’ll reveal my secret formula for naming events that’ll attract your ideal audience like hotcakes.
We’ll even workshop hot titles LIVE during the event with attendees (maybe you can be one of them?)
So no more guessing whether the name of your virtual event is hot enough.

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Christian Mickelsen – Client Getting Virtual Events

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