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Today there are more ideas and business models than ever before.
And while it’s never been easier to start a business, at the same time, it’s also never been harder to choose which one to start.
People want to create an online business and bring in extra income each month, yet many are completely overwhelmed and unsure exactly where to begin. Maybe you’ve been there too?
Stuck procrastinating as you go back and forth and back and forth on different ideas trying to decide which one feels “right”. Or which model best fits your goals.
And we totally get it.
Nobody wants to waste time and money on an idea that’s destined to fail.
Especially if they truly don’t have the time or money to waste!
Imagine how energizing it feels when your work is your passion?
Plus no one wants to blindly create a business just for the sake of creating a business. Do that and all you do is end up creating another job for yourself while working more hours for less pay.
Because right now during these uncertain economic conditions, people don’t just need a business…
…they need profits!
Many can’t risk pouring money into building something for 3-6 months just hoping it’ll work.
Yet everywhere you turn some new “guru” is talking about Amazon or dropshipping, yet coincidentally fails to mention both these businesses take a fair bit of money to start and have razor thin profit margins.
Or they’re pushing making apps and software in your spare time, which require even more capital and can take months or even years before they make any profits.
Not to mention many of the “gurus” teaching this stuff, haven’t even done these businesses before, and are giving advice that just doesn’t work.
They sell the idea of “get rich quick”, but they’re the only ones going to the bank.

Daniel Dipiazza (Foundr) – Start Your Side Hustle Download

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