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Programmatic Advertising & RTB (Real Time Bidding)
What the future holds for the digital advertising space
Expand your knowledge of digital advertising from beginner to advanced
Understand how retargeting works, and how advertisers serve you a message
Fully understand how location targeting works, GPS targeting, and beacons
Become a pro at contract negotiations
Social Media, Display Advertising, Video Advertising, Search, and more
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The digital marketing industry is worth over $200 Billion and growing every year. If you’re getting started in your career, growing your business, or looking to expand your knowledge, this is the course for you.In 12+ hours of online content we take you through everything you need to know about the digital advertising industry. Starting with Digital 101 you are introduced to the basics of what digital is and eventually work through a 201 and 301 level class. After that you are introduced to Programmatic Advertising, and finally we end with a section dedicated to How to Sell Digital.Meet Your Instructor:Ben Silverstein is a New York City based, award winning digital media professional with over a decade of experience working in the digital space. He’s managed hundreds of millions of dollars for local, national, and international brands including Six Flags Amusement Parks, Giorgio Armani, Cafe de Columbia, William Grant & Sons, and the FDA Real Cost which won a 2015 gold Effie in the Disease Awareness and Education category. When he’s not teaching, Silverstein works full time in the mobile advertising space, and is a consultant for the IAB’s Learning & Development and certification group.Course Subjects Include

igital EcosystemReview all the companies involved in the digital space and what they do. Using a whiteboard I break down publishers, exchanges, SSPs, DSPs, and Agency Trading Desks and how they all work togetherSocial MediaGet introduced to social media and how it can be leveraged for advertisers. Not all social media channels are the same and properly selling it requires an understanding of the pros and cons of each platformSocial Media ListeningOnce you’ve started promoting your brand/business on social media it’s important to understand what people are saying about you and how you’re being perceived. We review some tools that help advertisers understand their social presenceTargeting & RetargetingWe review the different types of audiences used in digital media, such as behavioral, contextual, and demographic. We also review what retargeting is and when/how it can be usedProgrammatic AdvertisingProgrammatic Advertising is the gas that powers digital advertising platforms like Google and Facebook. We walk through what it means, the companies involved, and breakdown the process in an easy to understand wayLocation TargetingLocation Targeting, geo-fencing, proximity targeting, and more are making up a larger percent of advertiser’s budgets. This course explains how that works and what options advertisers and marketers haveViewability & VerificationKnowing that an ad was seen by an actual human, and served to the right audience is a growing concern in the industry. We explain what companies can help with this and how they workPlatform DemosWe show you first hand how to setup campaigns on Google, Facebook, and other DSPs. We also show you how to monetize your own content with SSPs and other similar platformsHow to Sell DigitalOnce you’ve learned all about the digital advertising industry, the next thing to do is make money selling it. But selling digital is different from any other type of media and there are lots of topics that should be understood before opening your business& Much MoreWe cover dozens of digital advertising topics in 80 online lectures. Take the course on your own time and focus on the subjects most important to you and your businessReal Student Reviews5-Stars “Being an advertising agency media planner and buyer, having this hands on information helps when we face a decision to go into the digital advertising space. Your 101 and 201 was extremely informative and truly like your overviews in a very simplistic explanation. Thank you and look forward to your future courses.” – Diane Tody5-Stars “The real-world examples almost makes it self-explanatory. Professionally done and author speaks with authority – i.e. he knows what he’s talking about and it shows.” – AJ Du Toit5-Stars “I’m in advertising sales and have been looking for a clean easy way to explain and also test my root knowledge of the programmatic ad space. It was very helpful and simple to understand which is hard to do with this topic.” – Raul Bonilla
Section 1: Welcome to the Digital Advertising & Marketing Masterclass
Lecture 1 Introduction
Section 2: Digital Advertising & Marketing 101
Lecture 2 Introduction and Welcome to The Course
Lecture 3 Part 1 – The IAB, Banner Ads, Video Ads and Rich Media
Lecture 4 Part 2 – Custom, Skins, Social Media, Audio Ads, and Search
Section 3: The Digital Advertising Ecosystem
Lecture 5 Digital Ecosystem Part 1 – Publisher Direct, Exchanges, Networks, DSPs & ATDs
Lecture 6 How DSPs, SSPs, Exchanges, Networks, and Publishers all work together
Section 4: Buying the Ads
Lecture 7 Buying Digital Ads – How to buy digital ads, price ranges, process, and more
Section 5: Ad Targeting
Lecture 8 Ad Targeting – Contextual, Behavioral, Demographic, Geographic, and more
Section 6: Take a short quiz to test your knowledge
Section 7: Ad Serving
Lecture 9 What is an ad server? Doubleclick, DFP, DFA, third party ad servers, etc.
Lecture 10 Illustration of how ad servers work
Section 8: Reporting
Lecture 11 Digital Advertising Reporting Overview – Impressions, Clicks, CTR, CPC, & more
Section 9: Digital Advertising & Marketing 101 Review
Lecture 12 Digital Advertising & Marketing 101 Review
Section 10: Digital Advertising & Marketing 201
Lecture 13 Welcome to Digital Advertising & Marketing 201
Section 11: Programmatic Advertising – Real Time Bidding and the automated buying process
Lecture 14 Programmatic Advertising Explained – Intermediate Digital Marketing Skillset
Lecture 15 RTB Explained – Intermediate Digital Marketing Skillset
Section 12: Waterfalls & Header Bidding – What they are & how they are changing advertising
Lecture 16 Traditional Waterfalls – Advance Level Digital Marketing Skillset
Lecture 17 Header Bidding – How publishers increase revenue from their ad inventory
Lecture 18 Header Bidding in Mobile – Advance Level Digital Marketing Skillset – Publishers
Section 13: Mobile – SDKs & Trends: Mobile Marketing is big business. Learn how it works
Lecture 19 SDKs – Mobile marketing must-haves
Lecture 20 Mobile Trends – Understand the grow of mobile in digital marketing efforts
Section 14: Verification & Viewability
Lecture 21 Ad Verification – MOAT/IAS/Double Verify and other ad-tech platforms
Lecture 22 Bots & Fraud – Identify and prevent fraud in digital marketing and advertising
Lecture 23 Ad Viewability – How to identify when a real human sees your ad
Lecture 24 Ads.txt – A new way to Identify and Prevent Fraud
Section 15: Data Collection & Use
Lecture 25 Types of Data Advertisers Collect – Google/Amazon/Facebook & others
Lecture 26 Laws & Privacy Concerns Around Data
Lecture 27 Data Management Platforms & How Advertisers Use Them
Section 16: The Future
Lecture 28 Google’s EBDA & Amazon’s TAM – The future of digital advertising & marketing
Section 17: Digital 201 Review
Lecture 29 Digital 201 Review
Section 18: Digital Advertising & Marketing 301
Lecture 30 Welcome to Digital Advertising & Marketing 301
Section 19: Location Targeting – IP, Wifi, Cell Tower, GPS and how to detect fraudulent data
Lecture 31 Location Targeting Part 1 – How it works, IP, Wifi, & Cell Tower Targeting
Lecture 32 Location Targeting Part 2 – GPS Targeting, + How to Find Lat/Longs on Google
Lecture 33 Location Targeting Part 3 – Location Tech Companies & Fraud Detection/Prevention
Section 20: Beacons – Beacon Target in Digital Marketing, Super Targeted Location Data
Lecture 34 Beacons – Beacon Target in Digital Marketing, Super Targeted Location Data
Section 21: Retargeting – Retargeting in Digital Marketing & Live Examples
Lecture 35 Retargeting – How Advertisers run Digital Retargeting Advertising Campaigns
Section 22: Bid Requests & CPM Breakdown
Lecture 36 Bid Request/Bid Response – The RTB buying process explained
Lecture 37 Cost Break Down – How is a Final CPM Calculated
Section 23: Research – Publisher, Competitor Spend, Trends, and Social Media Listening
Lecture 38 Research: Introduction & Publisher Research, Comscore, Quantcast, Kantar & more
Lecture 39 Research: Competitor & Spend information, find where competitors are spending
Lecture 40 Research: Trends, eMarketer, Google Keywords, AdWeek/AdAge/Digiday
Section 24: Platform Demos: Running Facebook Ads, DSP Use, SSP Use & more
Lecture 41 Setting a Facebook Brand Page to use for Facebook Ad Campaign
Lecture 42 Social Media Marketing: Creating a paid Facebook Advertising Campaign
Lecture 43 DSP Demo Part 1 – Setting up a campaign in a Demand Side Platform
Lecture 44 DSP Demo Part 2 – Uploading Creative & Custom Audiences
Lecture 45 SSP Demo Part 1 – How to work with an SSP and Getting Setup
Lecture 46 SSP Demo Part 2 – Setting up a Mediation Group in Google’s AdMob
Lecture 47 Mobile Banner Ad Best Practices – A Quick Guide from AdMob
Section 25: Contract Negotiations – Who’s Involved in the Process and T&Cs
Lecture 48 Contract Negotiations – How to Review and Execute a digital media IO
Section 26: AdBlocking – This history of AdBlocking, Trends, and Industry Response
Lecture 49 AdBlocking – This history of AdBlocking, Trends, and Industry Response
Section 27: Social Listening
Lecture 50 Social Listening Part 1 – How to find out what people say about your brand
Lecture 51 Social Listening Part 2 – Post-Campaign Results & Social Media War Rooms
Section 28: Interviews with Industry Experts
Lecture 52 Interview Setup – What to expect from our industry experts
Lecture 53 Kat Earls – Industry Insights Lead at Google / Former Head of Strategy JWT-SF
Section 29: Introduction to Programmatic Advertising
Lecture 54 Welcome to Programmatic Advertising – Digital Marketing in Today’s World
Lecture 55 High level, what is programmatic advertising and what are the advantages?
Section 30: Digital Marketing Introduction – Programmatic Advertising
Lecture 56 Digital Marketing Introduction – Qualifying Media and Ad Standards
Lecture 57 How it Works – A walkthrough of the programmatic process
Lecture 58 The Programmatic Process In Action – Walking Through the Process
Lecture 59 Data Enhanced Ad Buys – Using DMPs to Make More Informed Buying Decisions
Section 31: Programmatic vs. RTB – Defining RTB and Programmatic
Lecture 60 Programmatic vs. RTB – They are not one in the same, so what are they?
Lecture 61 Reporting – Go beyond Impressions and Clicks and Discover Response, Win, & Fill
Lecture 62 Setting Pricing in a Programmatic Environment
Section 32: Auctions – Waterfalls, Header Bidding, and all about Programmatic Auctions
Lecture 63 Auctions – An Introduction to First & Second Price Auctions in Digital Marketing
Lecture 64 Review Header Bidding & Waterfalls
Section 33: Programmatic Advertising Review
Lecture 65 Programmatic Advertising Glossary
Lecture 66 Programmatic Advertising Guide – DOWNLOAD
Lecture 67 Programmatic Advertising Review
Section 34: How to Sell Digital Ads – Introduction
Lecture 68 Introduction: What we’re going to cover in this course
Section 35: Media Trends: Review changing consumer spending trends
Lecture 69 Review changing consumer and ad spending trends
Section 36: Defining Digital Media – Review each media type and their Pros and Cons
Lecture 70 Define Digital Media Part I: Social & Display
Lecture 71 Define Digital Media Part II: Video, Search, and OTT
Section 37: Awareness vs. Direct Response: How to identify the type of campaign your client
Lecture 72 Awareness vs. Direct Response: How to identify the type of campaign your client
Section 38: Targeting Options: How can we find our audience in a digital setting
Lecture 73 Targeting Options: Behavioral, Contextual, Demographic, and Location
Section 39: Data Platforms: Companies that collect and sell targeting data
Lecture 74 Data Platforms: Companies that collect and sell targeting data
Section 40: KPIs & Success Metrics: How should we define success for each campaign
Lecture 75 KPIs & Success Metrics: How should we define success for each campaign
Lecture 76 Pick which KPIs would be best for each situation
Section 41: Pricing Models: How to buy and sell digital ads
Lecture 77 Pricing Models: How to buy and sell digital ads
Section 42: Benchmarks & Building a Proposal
Lecture 78 Performance Benchmarks: Review benchmarks for different ad types
Lecture 79 Building a Proposal: Use known information to build a digital proposal
Lecture 80 Download Media Plan
Section 43: Finding Clients: Who can benefit from digital advertising
Lecture 81 Finding Clients: Who can benefit from digital advertising
Section 44: Client Conversations
Lecture 82 Starting a Conversation: Three questions that you can use to build a plan
Lecture 83 Common Client Q&As: What to expect, and how to answer client concerns
Section 45: Expanding Your Reach: Get those first clients to increase reach and spend
Lecture 84 Expanding Your Reach: Get those first clients to increase reach and spend
Lecture 85 Going Pro: Finding White Labeled Reseller Solutions
Section 46: Finding a Digital Product Solution
Lecture 86 Self-Serve Platforms: executing campaigns with self-serve platforms
Lecture 87 Going Pro: Finding White Labeled Reseller Solutions
Section 47: Thank You and Congratulations!
Lecture 88 Thank You & Course Review

Digital Marketing & Advertising Masterclass – 87+ Lectures

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