Eben Pagan – Turn Your Talent Into Income

How To Turn Your Talent
Into Income
‘Turning Your Talent Into Income’ is an powerful training program that digs deep into identifying your natural talents and skill sets — and shows you how to connect them with the biggest money-making opportunities now and in the future.
You’re going to learn how to identify your natural gifts and turn them into high income and profits.
You’re going to get the various tests, tools, and techniques so you can use immediately to pinpoint your REAL talents — the ones that not only come easy to you but you also feel the most comfortable with…
And the best part is, once we’ve identified your unique talents, you’re going to learn how to match them with real business opportunities so you can create significant value in the world and directly profit from them this year.
Program Details
Turning Your Talent Into Income a 100% digital training program, which means you’ll get instant access to the entire program right after you order. All the material is available for streaming online or you can download it to your computer or iphone for offline or on the go access.
What’s Included:
9 Full Length Audio Training Sessions — You can stream these online or download to your computer to take on the go. Perfect for your commutes.
Quick Reference PDF Summaries of each session containing the most important points in the program — Easily reference the course materials as you apply what you learn
Here’s a small glimpse at what you’ll learn:
The 5 Steps for turning your talent into income (Thousands of students have used these exact 5 steps to uncover their talents. Now’s your turn…)
Why talent by itself is not enough to achieve financial success (and the critical second component you’ll need to succeed)
4 ways technology is changing the game for all of us (and the new way of thinking you must adopt if you want to achieve long term financial and business success in the new world)
The dangerous myth in our culture that will leave you penniless and struggling for the rest of your life.
How to instantly narrow down your potential profit opportunities to a manageable size.
Why working hard is not the answer (and how you can work less and make more if you focus on this ‘one’ thing)
A ‘counterintuitive’ skill you must develop in order to maximize your strengths and capitalize on the opportunities around you
Why it’s ok if other people have the same talent and gifts as you
Why most opportunities you THINK are great are actually the ones you should avoid the most
The single most important criteria you must look for in an opportunity before you decide to pursue it
Why it’s more than possible for you to compete with the BIG 800 pound gorillas in your market
Why most of the biggest opportunities are invisible to the average person (and how you can spot them before anyone else)
How ‘income in the past’ differs from ‘income in the future’ (and what you did to succeed in the past actually kills your chances of success in the future)
How to create a ‘map’ for the journey of your life that leads you from where you are to where you want to be
2 of the most powerful ‘personality’ models I’ve learned after 15 years of research and study
Why you feel mental friction when you make decisions (and how to overcome this internal conflict by understanding how your brain actually works)
How to identify your 4 ‘personality’ preferences and understand how you interact with the outside world
The ‘smoke and mirrors’ effect of opportunities that cause most people to miss out on the biggest opportunities of the future
How to identify trends and big waves before they happen
The top 10 industries that I personally believe will have the highest probability of massive growth now and in the future

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