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In this course I’ll walk you through the best practices of setting up a successful Etsy shop.Hello, I’m Kato – An artist, a business owner, 6 Figure Shopify and Etsy seller and an ecommerce Specialist. My team and I create Premium quality leather Goods in our own Factory and in this course I’ll share with you my success tips and How I was able to turn my hobby into a full-time job with just 20 USD on Etsy and Shopify platforms.In This Course I want to share with you all the hacks and tools from my own experience managing ecommerce business, that I used to become successful on this platform in an easy and informative way. We’ll go through the most essential topics of selling on Etsy in 2022 with the latest Etsy SEO Updates.In This Etsy course we’ll also go through all the steps of building a successful Etsy Shop that brings your business passive income in a shortest period of time. I’ll also teach you what works on this platform in terms of SEO and what will make your shop stand out among all the others and rank higher in Etsy Search. Consider this course your personal Checklist Guide to managing a successful Etsy shop.This Course is for All Levels, Most applicable to small business owners. Course Essential Topics:· 10 Steps to consider Before opening an Etsy shop.· 10 reasons to start Selling on Etsy Today· 10 Hacks to get the most 5 star Reviews on Etsy.· 10 Ways to optimizes your Etsy SEO· 10 Hacks to creating Photos that Sell· How to write Enticing Item Descriptions for Etsy SEO· Product Branding and Marketing on Etsy· Latest Etsy Search Algorithm Updates in 2022I only started with 20$ on Etsy and now I have an amazing workshop full of my amazing team, more than 4000 – 5000 sales in a quite short period of time, couple of Bestseller listings and our designs recently chosen by an amazing Etsy employees for “Etsy Picks” of the year, Gained Star seller badge and are amongst 1.8% of the most successful shops on Etsy worldwide.

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Etsy 2022 Hacks Skyrocket Your Sales And Seo

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