[FREE DOWNLOAD] Figma Complete Course (2023) – Ui/Ux Design

Section 1: introduction
Lecture 1 What is Figma?
Lecture 2 Creating an account
Section 2: Getting to Know Figma
Lecture 3 Download and install Figma
Lecture 4 Figma’s initial interface
Lecture 5 The “Community” section
Lecture 6 Figma working interface
Section 3: Basic Tools
Lecture 7 Selection of objects
Lecture 8 Freehand Tool
Lecture 9 Shapes Tool
Lecture 10 Text Tool
Lecture 11 Boolean Operations
Lecture 12 Alignment tool
Lecture 13 What it is, and how to use “Auto-layout”
Lecture 14 Grids and Guides
Section 4: Layout and Organization
Lecture 15 Layer Organization
Lecture 16 Groups and Frames
The course is aimed at students and professionals who want to improve their skills in digital interface design, from beginners to those with advanced design knowledge. The course can be especially useful for graphic designers, web designers, front-end developers, and other professionals working in digital design.

Figma Complete Course (2023) – Ui/Ux Design

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