[FREE DOWNLOAD] 90-Minute Novel: A Step-By-Step Process To Outline Your Entire Story In Record Time

Along with the recording of our masterclass, you will get lifetime access to a Notion doc with our step-by-step framework for outlining a fiction story from start to finish AND our library of ChatGPT prompts to automate the entire process. Prompts & templates included: [ChatGPT] Sub-Genre Brainstorming Prompt: Not sure how to create a new Sub-Genre for yourself? Don’t worry, we give you a prompt to do it automatically. [ChatGPT] Plot Archetype Generator Prompt: Not sure what type of story you can tell within your chosen Sub-Genre? Here’s a prompt that will give you dozens of ideas. [ChatGPT] 3-Act Story Outline Prompt: Use this prompt to instantly turn any Sub-Genre and Plot Archetype combination into a fully outlined story in the 3-Act format. [ChatGPT] World Building Megaprompt: 5 cutting-edge prompts to help you name your fictional world, design a map, generate unique world attributes, create a roster of main & supporting characters, and write backgrounds & bios for each one. [ChatGPT + Midjourney] Story Cover/Poster Prompt: Bring your story to life by creating a stunning book cover or movie poster based on your Sub-Genre & Outline using Midjourney. [Template] 100+ Plot Archetypes! Combine this list with your Sub-Genre and you will have hundreds upon hundreds of potential story ideas. [Template] 3-Act Structure Outline: Use this simple but proven structure to outline your story. [Template] 30 World Building Attributes! A comprehensive list of unique variables to help you differentiate your Plot, Setting, and Characters.
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