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Here’s a small taste of what’s inside:

  • An old selling strategy that makes it almost neurologically impossible for people to delete your launch and affiliate emails before opening them. (This was used by the sales trainer whose materials Zig Ziglar used to fill his seminars seats — and is so powerful, it persuaded even downright hostile leads to listen to every word of his sales pitches! Imagine what it can do for your emails…. Page 41.)
  • A sneaky way to (legally) “hack” into the phones of last-minute procrastinators and sometimes flip them into eager-to-buy customers! (This is one of the simplest methods I’ve ever seen to get people on the fence about my offers to buy on the spot. Page 37.)
  • A completely unorthodox way your business can make a bundle selling a product you know nothing about and have not even read the sales page for! (Believe it or not, this is one of the fastest, easiest, and most ethical ways to create quick sales I’ve ever used. Plus, it usually only takes a few minutes to the write emails to do it. Page 83.)
  • A mental trick used by one of the world’s biggest eCommerce sites that can create a “feeding frenzy” of buying activity during product launch and affiliate campaigns. (Do it correctly, and it can help create an overwhelming need in your list to buy products they didn’t even necessarily want! Page 36.)
  • A completely forgotten copywriting secret (originally discovered while making the world’s first infomercial 70+ years ago) that can help create off-the-wall profits in your business’s affiliate marketing campaigns! (The brilliant copywriter Eugene Schwartz accidentally stumbled on this back in the late 1940’s — and I have found it to be so effective, it can work even if you “half-ass” your emails. In fact, in my experience, this one thing alone can make you way more sales from affiliate promotions than any other affiliate marketing “trick”, tactic, or technique you’ll learn anywhere else, for any price. See page 74.)
  • The 4-letter word you can put into a subject line that can get even people who normally never open your emails to perk up and buy from your business! (Your mileage may vary, but this has gotten more people reading and buying from my special offer emails than any other subject line tactic I’ve ever used. Page 726.)
  • A clever copywriting technique invented by the late advertising genius David Ogilvy that can get even people who often ignore you to enthusiastically open, read, and click your emails! (I have never heard a single internet marketing guru talk about this in almost 20 years of doing email — but it can easily make your product launches and affiliate campaigns far more profitable, while also dramatically cutting down your opt-outs, too. See page 38.)
  • The “schoolyard playground” persuasion method that built my first 6-figure newsletter business by sending only 4 emails to a list of just 3,000 people! (This easily-applied tip has been responsible for every single one of the most profitable product launch and affiliate campaigns I’ve ever created. See page 30 for how it can work for your business, too.)
  • How releasing the “The Email Kraken” can as much as double, triple, and possibly even quadruple your product launch sales. (For some reason, there’s always a lot of psychological resistance to doing this when I show it to people — but every time I do it, sales come in quickly, furiously, and predictably, with a fraction of the opt-outs anyone would expect. Details on page 31.)
  • How to create entire affiliate sequences of 7, 10, even 15 emails (or more) for your business in less time than it takes to watch your favorite sitcom! (And yes, it works even if you’re a slow writer who usually takes hours to compose a single email. See page 86 for details.)
  • How to write blatant sales pitch emails people are so eager to read they may even thank you for sending them! (I heard one of the greatest affiliate marketers who ever lived routinely did this to sell over a dozen copies per month of a $997.00 eBook. Page 43.)
  • How to “jimmy” your email sequences to get people to (literally) lean in and read almost every word of your sales pitches! (Do it right, and they’ll completely ignore the dozens of other emails, texts, phone calls, instant messages, social media pings, and other distractions competing for their attention. See page 46.)
  • A broadcast advertising tactic that can ramp your business’s affiliate and product launch sales through the roof! (One of the most respected marketers who ever lived used this to pump up his offline advertising sales. And I have found it works just as well — if not better — to pump up online product launch and affiliate campaign sales, too. Page 51.)
  • 4 ways to give your business casino-like “house odds” when competing against other affiliates with much bigger lists, more name recognition, and more valuable bonuses to offer. (Doing just one of these can give you an enormous advantage over the other affiliates your business competes against. But in my experience, if you use all four of them, the odds will be stacked so high in your favor you almost can’t lose! Read about them starting on page 56.)
  • When selling the best, highest quality products as an affiliate can destroy your business’s income! (This is not a license to sell crappy products. But, if you’re going to do affiliate marketing, you can make a lot more sales if you understand this quirk of human psychology. Read all about it on page 58.)
  • How “Earl’s Law” can put your business light years ahead of other affiliates in terms of sales and results. (This was taught by one of the most popular success authors who ever lived. And it is so reliably effective for ramping up affiliate marketing sales, it will feel like you’re playing chess while all the other affiliates competing against you drool on the carpet playing Connect Four! See page 59.)
  • The exact “magic” time to sell a product as an affiliate that not only makes your business the most sales…. but also attracts far higher quality customers who are far less likely to refund. (This is 100% opposite of what practically every affiliate marketing guru does — but I’ve gotten as many as 2-3 times more sales than usual every single time I’ve tested it. Page 67.)
  • How to tap into the hidden “gene pool” of leads already on your business’s list who (1) are the biggest silent group of buyers on your list (2) are far less likely to refund and (3) make the best long-term buyers for all your other offers, too. (I picked this up from one of the first internet marketers who was already making a fortune online in the early 90’s. And in my experience, using this tip found on page 68 can do more for your bottom line, peace of mind, and long term business goals than practically anything else you ever do for the rest of your online business career.)
  • How to turn people who complain about you sending them too many emails into your very own unpaid “marketing interns.” (Admittedly, most people don’t have the stomach to do this and should ignore such people. But, if you follow the instructions on page 78, you can not only profit from complainers, you will probably find yourself purposely trying to agitate them since they can make your business so many extra sales!)
  • A secret way podcasters can potentially use to make several times more profits than normal during product launch and affiliate email campaigns. (First time I did this it astonished the seasoned internet marketer whose product I was selling as an affiliate. Later, it also helped me create the biggest product launch in the history of my business for a membership site. Page 85.)
  • An ancient marketing “law” that can crank up your business’s holiday sales promotions like nothing else I’ve ever tested! (This is another one of those things hardly anyone thinks about or does online — yet it can not only make your holidays a lot jollier…. but it’s especially useful if you ever need quick cash flow to meet employee payrolls and other financial emergencies, too. Page 97.)
  • A simple (but shrewd) strategy for using plain text emails and an ordinary cell phone to sell-out high ticket seminars and events! (Best part: no long sales letter, VSLs, or formal “pitch” required. Just emails and a phone. See how it works on page 646.)
  • An “oldie but goodie” way to potentially add hundreds — even thousands — of high quality leads to your business’s email list in a single day! (NOTE: The Affiliate Launch Copynomicon is NOT in any way a “list building” book, but this powerful tip does pop up on page 730.)
  • And a whole lot more, including: How to use email to “transmute” peoples’ boredom into sales during holiday weekends (page 559)…. How to almost eliminate spam complaints when sending lots of emails to your list in a small time frame (page 79)…. a quickie “crash course” on my way of writing emails from start to finish (page 817)…. How businesses with small lists can dominate affiliate contests (beginning on page 86)…. best part of all….


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