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Kaelin is Finally Exposing all of Her Proprietary Creative Systems & Processes That She Used & Developed to Amass Billions of Views Online, $50 Million in Profitable Ad Spend, & $200 Million in Business Revenue which Led Her Company To #4 on The Inc 5000 list. The Content Machine System That Produces & Deploys A Month’s Worth Of Content In Only A Few Days & Protects You From Burnout, Overwhelm, & Constant Filming. The Endless Ads Method That Generates & Tests 50+ New Styles Of Ad Creatives Per Week, Every Week Of The Year. The Cheat Codes Of Content Production The Top Secret Resources That Make Filming & Producing Content Feel Like You’re Cheating The System. The Content Calendar System That Timelines Creative Outputs Across All Channels & Creates Consistent Omnipresence Without Overlap Or “Overdoing It.” The Perfect Ad Framework That Builds Converting Scripts Effortlessly & Pumps Out A Top Performing Ad Every Time. How to Dissect The Anatomy Of A Top Performing Ad The Auditing Process That Generates & Deploys New Versions of Top Performing Ads… That Outperforms Current Creative. The Pain & Dream Bank Process That Gives You Unlimited Content Topics & Makes You A Customer Magnet For Your “Perfect” Buyer. The Marketing Execution Map That Connects All Of The Character Marketing Processes Together In One Simple Flow Chart For Easy Implementation By You & Your Team YOU WILL ALSO LEARN HER CHARACTER DEVELOPMENT PROCESSES: Attractive Character Alignment As An Extension Of Who You Really Are… Not A Different Version Of Yourself… So That You Don’t Have To Try To Be Someone You’re Not To Attract Your Audience) that alleviates living a double life or feeling like a “fraud.” The Personality Pyramid The Recipe To Create Content That Yields The Perfect Mix Of Industry Knowledge & Personal Beliefs; So That You Can Attract Customers That Align With You (Without Turning People “Off”) How To Develop Your Attractive Character Story Bank So That You Can Communicate Your Backstory & Experiences Effectively Without Telling The Same Story Over & Over Again The Character Filter That Attracts Your Perfect Customer Making Each New Customer A Perfect Match For Your Product & Brand… And Builds A Raving Fan Customer Base That You Love The “Set & Stage” Content Creation Method To Attract The Right Demographic To Your Content Before They Ever Watch The Ad The Perfect “Performance” How To Deliver Content In A Way That Entertains Your Audience, Make Them Feel Like You’re Best Friend, & Keep Them Buying From You Over & Over Again. The Science Of Standing Out How To Make Your Content Stand Out In The Feeds & Make Your Perfect Customer Stop Scrolling
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