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COURSE INTRODUCTION What’s “Sweepstakes Blueprint” By Chapeau Noir? Complete Sweepstakes Course Full A to Z guide on how to run sweepstakes. From staying under the radar with an anonymous setup, to integrating and scaling sweepstakes. Replicate what I do and enjoy your slice of the pie. Private Network Access Gain exclusive access to private networks that offer the best sweepstake deals. It’s nothing like the non-compliant bullsh*t you find online. We’re talking top tier quality here. 3 Landing Page Templates The landers that bring me in over $100k daily. And the best part? They’re plug-and-play, meaning you can start using them right away without wasting your time. Black-hat Facebook Agency The strongest, highest performing ad accounts you can find out there. They’re made to run black hat, meaning you can run whatever you want without the agency complaining about it. CHAPTER LIST You Won’t Find Anything Like This Online. CHAPTER 1 Sweepstakes Explained Learn everything behind sweeps and ecom blanks. You’ll know exactly how they work, how to implement them, and how to profit anonymously. Basics Knowledge Affiliate CHAPTER 2 Private Networks I reveal the private networks that serve the absolute best sweeps and ecom blanks offers. You’ll get immediate access to it and you’ll be onboarded to start selling as an affiliate right away. Instant access Best offers Private CHAPTER 3 Staying Anonymous Your guide to staying incognito while running your sweepstakes. I’ll show you how to safely set up layer one of anonymity.
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