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What Will I Learn? How To Sell With Words The Ultimate Laptop Lifestyle Skill Why Copywriting Will Always Be In Demand The Slippery Slope Slippery Slope Elements Slippery Slope Engineering Storytelling Secrets The Hero’s Journey Your Reader – The Hero The Objections – The Villains Leveraging Two Against One Economic Considerations Maximizing Benefits Understanding All Costs Minimizing Non Monetary Costs Understanding Buying Instincts How To Avoid The Cheater Instinct How To Avoid The Scammer Trigger Secrets Of Trust Why Trust Is Critical Trust Building Strategies Understanding Desires What They Really Want Leveraging Subconscious Desires Implying Powerful Motivators Why People Really Buy Understanding Human Pain The Pain – Pleasure Continuum Pain – Pleasure Resonance The Goldilocks Pain Balance Overcoming Hidden Objections Understanding Objections Discovering Secret Objections The Magic Cause and Effect Cause – Effect Language Patterns Pacing Their Thoughts Leading Their Thoughts Putting Words To Their Thoughts How To Create Massive Rapport Through Text Basic Copywriting Strategy Basic Copywriting Elements Reverse Engineering Top Sales Pages Slippery Slope Language How To Induce Slippery Slope Thinking Hide Ideas Inside Sentences Linguistic Presuppositions Why They Work How They Work How To Become A Presupposition Expert Best Copywriting Presuppositions Presuppositions For Social Proof Presuppositions For Authority Presuppositions For Scarcity Presuppositions For Commitment And Consistency Every Sales Funnel Explained Creating Sales Funnels From Scratch Hypnotic Language Patterns Get Them To Think Anything Get Them Discover Anything Additional Social Proof Patterns Additional Scarcity Patterns Additional Authority Patterns Reframing Objections Uncovering Hidden Objections Turn Single Objections Into Many Reasons To Buy Subconscious Objection Reframes
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