[FREE DOWNLOAD] GMBs Verification 2024 – How to Get GMBs Verified WITHOUT Video Verification in 2024 + Update

Why Is Google Requesting Video Verification? Google is requesting video verification in 2024 as part of their efforts to ensure the authenticity and legitimacy of businesses listed on Google My Business (GMB). In other words, they want to avoid people from creating fake GMBs. Video verification helps Google verify that a business is physically located at the address provided and that the person requesting verification is indeed associated with the business. This added layer of verification helps maintain the integrity of GMB listings and reduces the risk of fraudulent or inaccurate information being displayed to users. How To Avoid Video Verification? There are a lot of ways you can get GMBs verified, video verification is just one. Google uses email verifications, phone verification, instant verification, post card verification and manual verifications. But these days, google is using video verification a lot of the time. If you want to learn how to get GMBs approved and by-pass video verfication, you can click here and you will learn how to get GMBs approved WITHOUT video verification. Want to learn how to verify GMBs in 2024? What Other Verification Methods Can I Use To Get GMBs/GBPs Verified? I know about 7 ways to get your gmbs verified: 1. Phone verification 2. Email verfication 3. Post card verification 4. Instant verification 5. Video verification 6. Verification without video 7. Manual verification Each of these verifications have their own strategy.
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