[FREE DOWNLOAD] How to create VIRAL YouTube Shorts that GROW your Channel!

YouTube Shorts are incredibility powerful for the growth and success of a YouTube Channel when used correctly! This class will show you how to make a high quality YouTube Shorts, TikTok Videos and Instagram Reels as the approach is very similar for these vertical formats.
I have over 400,000 Subscribers on YouTube and 400,000,000 views across my social platforms. All from knowing how to craft the perfect viral video that is impactful and targeted at the right viewer! This is the power of short format content, when applied properly within a content strategy.
I will breakdown the following:

  • Are Shorts right for your Channel?
  • Who are you making videos for?
  • How to PLAN and WRITE a Script
  • How to film a YouTube Short that is high quality.
  • How to edit a YouTube Short (properly)

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