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WHAT YOU GET? ⭐️Getting crystal-clear on your vision ⭐️ Tapping into your unique manifestation approach according YOUR Human Design energy type ⭐️ Showing up as your future 2.0 self, right now ⭐️ Letting go of the HOW and trusting in divine timing ⭐️ Using affirmations (the right way!) to think in alignment ⭐️ Implementing an intuitive AM/PM routine to reprogram your subconscious ⭐️ Healing your relationship with yourself and your inner child ⭐️ Balancing your masculine and feminine energies for sustainable manifesting (because constant burnout is SO not the vibe) ⭐️ Trusting your intuition to lead you to the right aligned actions ⭐️ Regulating your emotions to bounce back faster and keep your vibration aligned ⭐️ Working through your limiting beliefs with deep shadow work
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