[FREE DOWNLOAD] Revenge – The Dark Secrets of Male Retribution

The only exclusive members-only club where men learn how to go from excruciating break-ups to sweet REVENGE.
From shame to arrogance. From nice guy to dark triad savage.
This community is ran by men who’ve achieved mastery in intersexual dynamics. Men who know the exact methods of affecting a woman’s soul. Men who know the exact steps of building yourself up.
What will you get by joining?
24/7 access to a group that gathers experts from the webcam business, the pimp business, strip club owners, international playboys, millionaires. These men will be providing knowledge in REAL time.
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I. REVENGE by Joe Lampton
This book explains all the stages from pain of a break-up to sweet revenge.
The book covers A to Z:

  1. Rest in peace (accepting the loss)
  2. Recovery (the first month after losing HER)
  3. Rebirth (creating the come-back plan & implementing it)
  4. Return of the Mack(sexual marketplace success + “Ways of the Mack”)
  5. Ruthless Revenge (20 explicit methods to hurt a woman)
    II. OBSESSED by Joe Lampton
    RUTHLESS methods used by pimps, playboys and smooth operators.
    This book covers A to Z:
  • How to create the most submissive woman
  • What rules your woman must follow
  • What sneaky machiavellian tricks to implement in your relationship
  • How to make her give you all her money
    III. THE DECIEVER by Joe Lampton
    A complete guide on cheating:
  • how to cheat and not get caught
  • how to convice your woman cheating is ok
  • how to make her get horny of the idea of you cheating
    3 ebooks with a value of over $500 dollars are provided FREE as a bonus to provide the base knowledge required to achieve revenge on any female.
    When the relationship ends – somebody will cry.
    Inside of this powerful mastermind you learn every trick to ensure its never you and its always her.
    Disclaimer** This group teaches powerful tricks of psychology which will leave you in a dominant position within intersexual dynamics. We do not endorse or condone any acts which are physically violent or against the law.
    We teach you everything you need to regain your pride within the confines of the law and allow you to live a life with your head held high.