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Founding father George Washington was the most alpha American to ever live, one of the greatest alpha males in human history. Like Washington your grandfather was an alpha male, and his father before him. The true history of America and the West is filled with hardened, tough as nails alpha males. Men who conquered nature, stormed beaches under fire, and defeated tyrants by force. They were unstoppable with the blood of a thousand alpha males flowing through their veins. Somewhere along the way, at least for the past 50 years, something went extremely wrong in our culture. Men were gradually emasculated, masculinity was neutered one paper cut at a time, then exponentially. Before we knew it two genders became 200, and masculinity went from being viewed as great, to tolerable, to evil seemingly overnight. Common sense values like masculine men, feminine women, and family itself are under all out attack by a woke mob of lunatics in pink hats. They want you to be beta, lost, confused, and powerless. They want you to live in a state of constant fear, anxiety, and hate yourself for being born a man – to apologize for your very existence. They want you subservient to a feminist establishment run by thundering beluga whale bullies named Karen. At The 21 Convention we’re Making Men Alpha Again. No apology. No compromises. No retreat. 100% alpha, 0% beta. It’s a gathering of the world’s greatest minds for men.
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