[FREE DOWNLOAD] The Idea Sniper Crash Course – Ideation for solo founders who are sick of building something no-one wants

Introducing The Idea Sniper Crash Course This crash course is designed specifically for founders who are ready to break the cycle of uncertainty and disappointment. It is a deep dive into the science of ideation, tailor-made for those looking to stop wasting time and start building things you know there is a market for. What the course will cover:
  • What demand-driven ideation is: Discover methods top entrepreneurs use to identify market-ready ideas.
  • Where to find market-ready ideas: Uncover 7 underrated but extremely effective sources of ideas where customers are eagerly waiting to be served.
  • How to validate ideas cheaply and effectively: Learn the approach professional innovators at incubators use to test ideas quickly.
  • How to copy market leaders effectively: Learn exactly how to find gaps in your competitor’s offerings that their customers are dying for to create your own product.
  • See Over-The-Shoulder Examples: Build your opportunity-spotting “intuition” by looking at good vs bad examples.
  • Access Post-Course Resources: Receive an opportunity assessment checklist to continue your ideation journey post-workshop.
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