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A full second brain in Notion. A world-class content-planning system. Together, they create the ultimate Notion template for content creators. The Ultimate Brain + Creator’s Companion Bundle is more than just a bundle – it’s a complete, deep integration of both templates. Notes and Tasks that you add to your content projects in Creator’s Companion will show up in all your note/task views inside of Ultimate Brain. In addition to this fully-integrated combo template, you’ll also get access to the standalone versions of each template. Ultimate Brain is my all-in-one productivity system for Notion. It lets you capture and manage tasks, notes, projects, and goals. You can use Tiago Forte’s PARA organization system to create Areas and Resources, so everything has a specific place. You can also use GTD-style processing to ensure every task is added to the right list. Learn more about Ultimate Brain here. Creator’s Companion is the exact content planning & management template that my team and I use to manage my 2.4-million-subscriber YouTube channel, along with my other channels, blogs, and social media accounts. It’s the ultimate Notion template for managing a publishing schedule for multiple online channels. Capture & validate your ideas, collect research, write scripts, manage your projects across all your stages, and analyze published content to get insights and make better-performing content in the future. Learn more about Creator’s Companion here. FAQs: Can I move from my existing copies of Creator’s Companion and/or Ultimate Brain? I’m working on guides for this, but I’ll note now that moving content from existing templates isn’t easy due to the fact that these templates utilize several interlinked databases. It is possible, but it’s not turn-key. Can I integrate Ultimate Brain and Creator’s Companion myself? Yes! Buying this bundle will also get you access to a forthcoming tutorial on how to perform the integration yourself. In theory, the integration is fairly simple. However, in practice, the integration process takes a while (it took me a good 2 hours to do). I want to make this clear up front in case it’s a deal-breaker! TL;DR – moving your existing content, or integrating the two templates yourself is possible. However, neither are easy. Such is the wild-west way of building our own Notion templates!
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