Garrett French – Ultimate Guide to Link Building [2ND Edition]

Link. Rank. Profit.This book packs a 40+year-link-building-experience punch! Strokes of genius emanate from deceivingly simple explanations and effortless workflows. Only Eric Ward and Garrett French could make the complicated world of link building look so crystal clear and manageable. This powerful edition delivers everything you need to be a successful link builder and leaves you wondering, “Wow! Why haven’t I thought of that?!” over and over again.
—Britney Muller, senior SEO scientist, Moz
The web has changed from a web of things to a web of people. And it’s all about connections, about the way we’re all linked together by one thing or another. From content development and integrated marketing techniques to purely tactical link bait, you’re about to learn directly from the masters of marketing.
Link building expert Eric Ward and online marketer Garrett French teach you how to wisely:

  • Execute a link audit and competitor analysis
  • Develop a structured, long-term link-building strategy
  • Identify and approach quality, top-ranking websites with a value proposition
  • Differentiate links for traffic from links for ranking
  • Keep on the right side of search engine guidelines