[FREE DOWNLOAD] Hypnosis: Advanced Conversational Hypnosis Seminar

Can We Teach You A Unique Style Of Conversational Hypnosis That Will Have You Producing ‘COMA LIKE’ Trances​​
What you’ll learn
You will be highly trained in conversational hypnosis
You will be highly trained in spotting unconscious moments
You will be highly trained in the effective use of hypnotic language
You will be highly trained in therapeutic hypnosis strategies
No previous study is required
Master the art of conversational hypnosis without the use of scripts, that will teach you how to use powerful hypnotic language strategies and create intense COMA LIKE trances all hidden inside a conversation.
Build a strong foundation with conversational hypnosis and wow your clients and subjects with ease
Hypnotic language masteryHow to use unconscious moments like a hypnotic geniusHow to unleash the power of natural trances with just wordsHow to work with even the most resistant of clients and subjects
A Powerful Skill at Your Fingertips:
We send you a warm and inviting welcome to the latest installment from the Conversational Hypnosis Academy, as we answer and reveal the untaught secrets of how to master the hypnotic language without a script, develop unconscious trances and prove the existence of hypnosis with even the most resistant people.
Where else will you gain exclusive access to witnessing conversational hypnosis in action than a 1-day event dedicated to the practical elements of hypnosis?
” We teach you WHAT to say and WHEN to sat it ” ( so you get it right every time )
Content and Overview
The art of crafting the perfect mindset of the expert hypnotist ( the hypnotic attitude switch )To understand the simple system that put your clients into a therapeutic trance, every time, and in the exact depth of trance needed to create change in a client’s realityTo gain the elite format of hypnotherapy that creates conversational change in your subjects even without a formal induction.
The 10 language based conversational hypnosis categories to sound like a hypnotic wordsmithTo learn how to create the exact setup that must be done before any session that creates therapeutic change in minutes not hoursHow to elevate psychological energy that you can dictate and direct towards anything you want your clients to think of feelHow to use language buffers that prevent the conscious mind from interfering and rejecting ideas.How to take control of any conversation when your subjects disprove the theory of hypnosisHow to discover the profound and simple to follow knowledge of not just becoming a good hypnotherapist but a truly great one.

Hypnosis: Advanced Conversational Hypnosis Seminar

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