Igor Ledochowski – Mind Bending Language Roundtable

[b]I’ve got something brand new that’s very special.[/b]

To be honest with you, I’ve hesitated over releasing it to a wider audience.

That’s because what I have been holding onto is


Maybe even a bit too advanced for most people subscribed to the Hypnosis Training Academy.

Don’t get me wrong – you don’t need a super-human brain to understand it.

Not at all.

But what I have does require an unusually enquiring mind… along with an almost obsessive “thirst” for the

[b]DEEPEST level of insight into the spearhead hypnosis skill that is mind bending language.[/b]

[b]In other words:[/b]

And that may rule you out right off the bat.

Sorry if that’s the case.

Like I said, this is not going to be for everybody.

It’s not even going to be for many of the people subscribed to the Hypnosis Training Academy.

Who it is for is for people already fairly well versed in mind bending language. More than that though… it’s for…


That’s right.


Granted, if you’ve already shown an interest in mind bending language it’s fairly likely you’re also a thinker.

Thinkers tend to gravitate to mind bending language. They recognize the linguistic artistry of it. It appeals to their intellectual supremacy.

Therefore, if you’ve in any way delved fairly seriously into mind bending language before (and, preferably have some experience of using it in your own life)… I guess you could say… this message is talking to you.

That’s because it’s about accessing the video training of my

[b]Mind Bending Language Roundtable Program – which reveals for the first time…[/b]

The “Thinking Matrix” Behind My

Mastery Of Mind Bending Language

The “thinking matrix” is

[b]the unique way I think about and mentally process what is going on, moment-to-moment in a mind bending language conversation.[/b]

My “thinking matrix” (my personal way of thinking) drives

[b]everything I DO in a mind bending language interaction with another person.[/b]

[b]Access to the Mind Bending Language Roundtable training gives you…[/b]

  • It allows you a rare insight into

[b]how I think and strategize
my mind bending language “moves” in real time based upon all the unique
variables (i.e., individual person, location, context, issue being
discussed etc) in front of me.[/b]

You’ll also get insight into

[b]how I intuitively trust myself to respond in the best way right when I’m in the “thick” of a mind bending language conversation.[/b]

You’ll get insight into

[b]the assumptions I have about mind bending language and the whole human-to-human dynamic when I’m using mind bending language.[/b]

You’ll also get insight into

[b]the core beliefs I have about my value and purpose in the context of a mind bending language interaction with another person.[/b]

All in all, you get a distinct “feel” (and an: ah! I see! I get it! experience) for how I effectively think about mind bending language…

So The Expression Of Mind Bending Language Becomes Rather Effortless

This is what you will “absorb” from

[b]going through my new Mind Bending Language Roundtable training.[/b]

You will naturally start to model my thinking patterns and

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