[FREE DOWNLOAD] Instagram Content Strategy For Entrepreneurs Business Owners

What you’ll learn
Learn why you need a content strategy for Instagram
Learn what are the key components of a good content strategy
Learn more about the AIDA Concept and how to apply it to your content strategy
Learn my SNOW Framework to build your own content strategy
No experience required.
Class Overview:Have you been seeing lots of profile visits to your Instagram business account, but your content just isn’t strong enough to convert your followers into sales for your business? Have you tried various types of content but none of them are clicking with your audience and you just don’t know where to start with your content strategy? If you’re looking for a practical, actionable class that gives you a step-by-step framework to create your Instagram Content Strategy that helps you convert followers into sales for your business, then this class is for!What You Will Learn:In this class, you’ll learnWhy you need a content strategy for InstagramWhat are the key components of a good content strategyWhat is the AIDA Concept and how to apply it to your content strategyThe SNOW Content Framework to build your content strategyMy signature method, The SNOW Content Framework can be applied to all kinds of content marketing platforms like other social media platforms as well as your blog. However, for this class, you’ll be learning how to apply the SNOW Content framework for your Instagram business account.Why You Should Take This Class:If you’re stumped about why you’re not able to convert your follows to sales or how to position yourself as an industry leader, then this would be a great class for you. In this class, I teach the strategy behind crafting a content strategy that helps you build a solid relationship with your followers. This is pure marketing and the concept can be applied to other social media platforms and your blog as well. By taking this class and applying my signature method The SNOW Content Framework , you’ll be able to gain:A keen understanding of the minds of potential followersKnowledge about the impact of your content strategy and how crucial it is for your business account’s growthUnderstand how your content is key to helping your audience make their purchase decisionCreating your own content strategy from scratchWho Is This Class For:Anyone who is a business owner/entrepreneur/solopreneur or looking to be one in the future and would like to know how to create a solid content strategy that helps them use their Instagram business account to make sales.Please note that this class is for business owners who are willing to do the work it needs to implement my SNOW Content Framework.SNOW Content Framework Template (Available as a download):The excel document is to help you implement the SNOW Content Framework taught in the class. There are also other downloadable resources such as a Visual Content Component Checklist, Promotion Content Component Worksheet and a Components Worksheet (Microsoft Word)Time Commitments for the Workbook:It should take you about 1-2 hours to complete the entire resources and create a content strategy that works for your business.
Section 1: Introduction
Lecture 1 Introduction to Instagram Content Strategy
Lecture 2 Importance of a Content Strategy
Section 2: Components of a Good Content Strategy
Lecture 3 Component: Goal
Lecture 4 Component: Buyer Stage
Lecture 5 Component: Visual
Lecture 6 Component: Promotion
Section 3: The SNOW Framework
Lecture 7 The SNOW Framework
Lecture 8 Examples of the SNOW Framework
Section 4: Worksheets
Lecture 9 Components Worksheet
Lecture 10 Visual + Promotion Worksheet
Lecture 11 SNOW Template

Instagram Content Strategy For Entrepreneurs Business Owners

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