[SUPER HOT SHARE] Kelly Roach – The Live Launch Method

What if I told you going to market with your offer could be fun, simple, AND effective?

That you could take one sales formula and use it over and over again (no more reinventing the wheel) to enroll clients by the dozens?

That you could launch from any time, anywhere?

Modules include:

Welcome to Live Launch
What does Live Launch Look like?
Live Launch Framework
Building your Launch Team
Diving into your Numbers
Choosing a launch container
Content Pillars Design
Launch Timeline & Structure
Automated Emails & Texts
Pivot from Content to Offer
5 Days of Selling
Designing Bonuses

Pre-Promotion Checklist to Generate Leads
Effective Testimonials
Transition When Somebody Buys
Launch Management Metrics
Booking Consultations in Launch
Closing out your Launch
What to do AFTER Launch
What to do with Leads between Launches
The Stack: 14 Elements of your Pitch
Launch Variations

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Kelly Roach – The Live Launch Method

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