[FREE DOWNLOAD] Konstantinos Synodinos – 0 To 1.5 Million Followers In 8 Months On Tiktok

What You Get:

Introduction & Expectations

  • Who the f*ck am I and why you did well to buy this?
  • Understanding TikTok and why it’s a golden opportunity
  • Tik Tok is the greatest audition ever

Finding your Identity as a creator on Tik Tok

  • Who are you? It’s time to be yourself
  • Identify your uniqueness & double down
  • Defining your niche and then define your broader niche
  • TikTok Trends
  • Be the trend
  • Who is the brand face?
  • Leave your ego at the door

Understanding the technical aspects of TikTok

  • Type of account
  • How does the algorithm work? Make him a friend
  • Your 1st video! it’s time
  • How to duet and when
  • How to stitch and why
  • Imporant options to tick when you post
  • Celebrate milestones but not alone
  • How to schedule posts on tiktok
  • Research others like a pro

Music on tiktok – What is it’s role and how to use it

  • What you need to know about music
  • Use music as the main theme
  • Saving sounds/ creating Original ones

Monetizing on TikTok – How I made 6 figures in 8 months

  • Make it intentional and unintentional – plan it from the get go but ignore it
  • Brand partnerships – how to get them
  • Affiliate marketing
  • Upgrade your content into something premium
  • How much to charge – calculator
  • Running a Tik Tok agency or becoming an agent

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Konstantinos Synodinos – 0 To 1.5 Million Followers In 8 Months On Tiktok

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