Lay to Back Horse Trading Method [FREE DOWNLOAD]

How simple?

Read on to find out…

Most people when they start trading “back” first and then “lay” for the trade.

It makes sense.

Because if anything goes wrong then the worst you can do is lose your original stake.

Although on the face of it, it does make sense…

…When it comes to trading, “laying first” has some advantages.

It may not be as risky as you may first think.

If we talk about trading before the off…

…Then (bar anything going wrong with your internet connection or Betfair) the risks are the same as backing first.

You are just taking the opposite side of the trade that you are used to.

The main benefit of “lay first” is that at the crossover price points…
(Where the tick values change)

You can gain more profit than you will lose for the same amount of ticks.

An example is at the price of 4.00

Anything above goes up by 0.1 points anything below goes down by 0.05 points.

So, if you lay first and the price goes up you will make more profit quicker than you will lose if it goes down against you.

As you can see in the example below.