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Google has replaced both Google Plus and Google Places with their new “Google my business” service. All the old strategies for selling google places marketing died along with it. ( Including finding clients using the old ‘unclaimed listings’ search hack)

Fresh millionaires are minted whenever there is a change in the market. The people who jump on the opportunity first land the best clients and are established as leaders, while everyone else who gets in late becomes another ‘me too’ sales man.

YOU have the opportunity to be the first one to offer Google Posts in your market. Land the best clients and establish yourself as the go to consultant for this service.

YOU will be the one that gets all the referrals – at the top of mind anytime a biz owner considers using Google Posts to grow their business. The moral high ground of being first means that biz owners will actively seek you out for this service, ready and willing to pay higher fees because YOU are the leader. 

I’ve spent the last few months offering Google Posts to my long-time consulting clients at no cost. This allowed me to test out hundreds of post ideas across numerous offline niches to see which posts generates customers.

80% of the post ideas I tried failed to generate a significant boost in sales and customers. The 20% that did work however, worked like gangbusters – consistently generating a flood of new customers every time I used them. This has allowed me to reliably charge $500 per post with full confidence that each one will deliver results to the clients paying me. 

I have compiled all the Google posts, as well as all the sales strategies I have been using to get paying clients into a system I call:

The Google Posts™ Profits System

The Effortless Google Posts Profits System is the first and only system to reliably pull customers from Google’s New Posts Service.

I’ve taken everything I’ve learned from months of trial and error and created a series of templates that anyone can use to create Google Posts that reliably generate results for local businesses.

Posts that cater to all the most profitable niches, as well as more generic posts that will work for any client including:

  • Special meal offers and coupon promotions that drive hungry patrons in to restaurants – Restaurant owners make their investment back in a single night when you use one of these posts at the right time.
  • Event promotion posts for bars and night clubs that pre-sells tickets – Bar owners will happily pay you every week to sell tickets to their upcoming events.
  • The ‘allergy removal’ posts for carpet cleaners – This sales angle works so well, that carpet cleaners have become my best clients.
  • Pain relief posts for chiropractors – These posts attract patients who are looking for an urgent solution to their pain, and are the types of repeat customers that chiropractors love.
  • The invisalign ad that booked 3 $5,000 patients for my dentist client in a week.
  • Holiday posts to capitalize on every opportunity – Some local businesses earnmost of their revenue during the holidays. You’ll have a post for every occasion to maximize on the opportunites ( including made up holidays like Tax Day, owners birthdays, fire sales, and many more)

Remember: If you can generate customers for local businesses, you will always have a source of income.

Google Posts™ is the best new way to generate customers and I’ve compiled everything you need to know in order to use this service successfully into a step by step guide book. Inside you’ll learn all the tips and tricks to making every Google Posts campaign profitable including:

  • The weekly report that dazzles clients and makes them eager to buy more posts from you every week – Learn how to use Google Analytics to track every click, call, and customer generated by your Google Posts campaign. Seeing weekly results in black & white establishes trust with clients… They eagerly pay you every week to keep the customers flowing.
  • Learn the best and worst times to release a Google Post – Releasing a Post on a Saturday has a very different response than releasing it on a Wednesday… Just as releasing one in the morning reaches a different audience than releasing one at night. I’ve included a release schedule that ensure you will get the timing right with every post. ( including Holiday promotion that must be timed properly before the actual holiday.)
  • How to build an email list for your client ( And get paid extra to manage it) using Google Posts – Generate a flood of new customer leads on demand every time you use Google Posts. These leads become repeat customers for your client and gives you another service to offer.
  • Learn the perfect call to action to use for every business type – Google Posts allows you to use a call to action to generate customers including ‘Call Us Now’, ‘Visit our website’, or even ‘Buy Now’. Every business has a different sales funnel and knowing which call to action to use is crucial in delivering results to your clients.
  • How to use Google Posts™ to generate inbound phone calls – Financial and law professionals pay top dollar for inbound phone leads, as much as $100 per call in some niches. Use my ‘incentivized call’ method to generate dozens of phone calls with every post and charge higher fees to these offices.
  • The right way to knock of fence-sitting customers using offer scarcity – Turn every maybe into a YES by adding time limits to your client’s offers. This one trick can turn mediocre campaigns into profitable ones… Only IF you do it correctly. Use scarcity at the wrong time and you will turn off customers who would normally buy.
  • The surprising niche that is BANNED from using Google Posts – Don’t waste your time selling to this banned local niche. Google is planning a unique service for this niche that will be a major opportunity for consultants ( you’ll learn all about it in the guide). In the meantime, avoiding this niche will prevent you from making promises you can’t keep.
  • The free and paid image sources I use for all my Google Posts – Images attract attention and generate click-throughs with Google Posts. Charge clients extra for providing them with an endless supply of high quality images ( clients never say no to this add-on!)
  • Split-Tested image hacks that increase response – Learn the small alterations you can make to any stock image that makes it grab a reader’s attention. These tricks take 5 minutes to implement using free software and have been shown to double the response they get when posted.

Now I want to make sure you have everything you need to land paying clients as quickly as possible. To help you, I’m including all of the sales material I use to sell local biz owners in a copy & paste format.

These email and direct mail pieces are getting a 70% response from the targeted businesses that I send them too ( You’ll also learn all the lead sources I use to find these targeted prospects):

Luther Landro – Effortless Google Posts Profits Free Download