[FREE DOWNLOAD] Metaverse Masterclass 2022 Your Guide To Web 3.0

Section 1: Welcome to Web 3.0
Lecture 1 Let’s begin our Metaverse journey together
Lecture 2 What is “The Metaverse”?
Lecture 3 How Web 3.0 came into existence
Section 2: Getting in the Basics of Metaverse
Lecture 4 Meta and Metaverse
Lecture 5 Safety in Metaverse
Lecture 6 Who will be affected with Metaverse
Lecture 7 Facebook and Meta Part 1
Lecture 8 Facebook and Meta Part 2
Section 3: More about Metaverse
Lecture 9 What are Metaverse Avatars?
Lecture 10 AR explained
Lecture 11 AR v VR
Lecture 12 VR explained
Lecture 13 Mixed Reality (MR) explained
Section 4: You need this now
Lecture 14 What is a Blockchain?
Lecture 15 Smart Contracts explained
Lecture 16 Cold Wallets explained
Lecture 17 What are Public and Private Keys
Lecture 18 Other wallets used by people
Section 5: Crypto and Metaverse Case Study
Lecture 19 Quick advice on Blockchain
Lecture 20 This is Possible in Metaverse Part 1
Lecture 21 This is Possible in Metaverse Part 2
Lecture 22 Let’s take a tour
Section 6: Building the Metaverse
Lecture 23 How and Why should it happen?
Lecture 24 Your choice matters
Lecture 25 Let’s make a Metaverse
Lecture 26 Concluding on Metaverse
Lecture 27 Congratulations and a big Thank You

Metaverse Masterclass 2022 Your Guide To Web 3.0

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