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What You Get:

Learn vital trading and investing lessons like:

  • How to invest along the risk curve
  • How to value assets
  • How to analyse crypto projects
  • The value of tokenomics
  • How to use decentralised finance
  • How to analyse on-chain data
  • Full trading guidance from a pro
  • How to use blockchain apps
  • Full crypto wallet guidance
  • How I build my crypto portfolio


  • Crypto types: store of value
  • Crypto types: smart contracts
  • Crypto types: exchange tokens
  • Crypto types: oracles
  • Crypto types: payments
  • Crypto types: stablecoins
  • Crypto types: privacy coins
  • Crypto types: meme coins
  • Crypto types: wrapped tokens
  • Crypto types: LP tokens
  • Token standards explained [ERC-20]
  • Staking your crypto
  • The blockchain trilemma
  • Don’t focus on TPS!!
  • Bitcoin: The Asset Class


  • Price vs market cap
  • Coin vs token
  • Pre-mine vs fair launch
  • ICOs
  • Circulating vs total supply
  • Inflation
  • Token burns
  • Tokenomics research: ADA
  • Tokenomics research: BTC
  • What are “good tokenomics”?
  • Valuing DAPP tokens
  • Valuing tokens: important considerations


  • What is on-chain analysis?
  • How to use a blockchain explorer
  • Top HODLers
  • Staking rates
  • Exchange flows
  • Stablecoin ratios
  • Funding rates
  • HODL waves
  • Hashrate, validators and nodes
  • #1 MOST important on-chain data!


  • Step 1: understand the market
  • Step 2: understand the economics
  • Step 3: going deep
  • Step 4: keeping up to date


  • Currency pairs: base vs quote
  • Currency pairs: cross pairs
  • Order book explained
  • Maker vs taker explained
  • Order types: market order
  • Order types: limit order
  • Order types: iceberg order
  • Order types: stops [SL/TP]
  • Candlestick charts explained
  • Candlestick patterns: hammer
  • Candlestick patterns: shooting star
  • Candlestick patterns: bullish engulfing
  • Candlestick patterns: bearish engulfing
  • Chart patterns: double top
  • Chart patterns: double bottom
  • Trends: ascending wedge
  • Trends: descending wedge
  • Trends: higher highs
  • Trends: lower lows
  • Trends: support and resistance
  • Trends: consolidation
  • EASY way to read charts: moving averages
  • How to draw trends lines
  • Metrics: ATR
  • Metrics: MACD
  • Finding areas of value
  • Key tips for trading with candles
  • Day trading strategy: find the trend
  • Day trading strategy: find the price action
  • Day trading strategy: get your entry/exit
  • Day trading strategy: managing your trade
  • Trading bots: grid bot
  • Tradings bots: spot/futures arbitrage


  • Fungible vs non-fungible tokens
  • NFT token standards
  • How NFTs work
  • The value proposition of NFTs
  • How NFTs drop
  • NFT buying guide
  • BEWARE of these NFT pitfalls

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MoneyZG – Crypto Investor Course

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