[SUPER HOT SHARE] Perry Belcher – F.I.B.S. Offer Creation Masterclass

  • Most Valuable Skill in the World
  • How Offers Build Companies
  • How Offers Build Products
  • How Offers Sell Books
  • How Offers Make Deals
  • Learn the Hard Way — Fast
  • How Offers Build Relationships
  • 30 Years of Experience in 2 Days
  • My Usable “Fake It Till You Make It” Formula

Phase 1: Understanding Human Buying Behavior

The Five “Cult Laws” That Drive Sales — Module One, 30 Minutes

Buying Behavior — Module One, 60 Minutes

Phase 2: Critical Research

5 Big Questions — 60 Minutes

Competitive Research — 30 Minutes

Planning — 30 Minutes

Writers’ Tools — 60 Minutes

Phase 3: The Offer Formula

Now we start writing or dictating

Things to Remember: Sequence Matters — 30 Minutes

Promise — 60 Minutes

Intro — 60 Minutes

Commitment — 30 Minutes

Part 2: Your Solution

Clearly Define Their Desired Outcome (Better Be Right) What They Don’t Want You to Know (Hidden Secret)

Might Know, Probably Know, Don’t Know

Explain the “What” Step by Step
Good but Incomplete
Give Context to the Importance of the Solution
Help Them See the Vision
Show SOME of the Steps-Within-Steps

Name the Solution (i.e. F.I.B.S.)

Explain the Pain to Create
Stress the Ease of Use
Demonstrate the Speed of Results
Sell the Idea (Not the Product)

How It Works — Day Two, 30 Minutes

Pre-Close — Day Two, 60 Minutes

Transition — Day Two, 30 Minutes

Offer — Day Two, 90 Minutes

Close — Day Two, 90 Minutes

Phase 4: Profitable Copy Editing

Editing Exercises — Day Two, 90 Minutes

Use Stronger Verbs, Eliminate Passive Language
Cut Boring & Redundant Text
Assure Readability Score of 4th Grade or Below
Voice Test 3X With Live Edit
Perform the Standalone Scan Test
Run the I.O.U. Test
Hold a C.U.B. Review
Create Image Captions
Underline, Bold, Italics & Caps, Spelling, Grammar & Punctuation
Explain the Pain to Create

Perry Belcher – F.I.B.S. Offer Creation Masterclass

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