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Funnel BreakdownFE – Profit Bazooka – 12.95 Profit Bazooka is a one of a kind 3 steps method that spits out $100 commissions like there was no tomorrow. Profit Bazooka users benefit from DFY ammo with their unique money link embedded. Setting up Profit Bazooka and loading the custom ammo will require minutes at which point it is ready to be ‘fired’, in other words earning them $100 commissions. No hostages taken and action takers will also learn the ‘Profit Booster’ method that earns them further commissions. Profit Bazooka PRO – 30X Results $47/27 The Profit Bazooka Pro version is a further DFY package that makes Profit Bazooka 30 times more powerful and effective. Therefore, users of the Pro package will automatically increase their earning potential. And the best part is, that this package is extremely versatile and multiple targets can be aimed at, at the same time. Kal’s Success Circle – $97/67 Nothing held back, ‘Ask Me Anything’ unlimited email support. This is a powerful yet cost effective way to get guidance from Kal to achieve your goals online. This is essentially private coaching on a budget.

Profit Baz00ka Free Download