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What You Get:

Thousands of Hours of Insight — Delivered in Less Than 10

Become a better and more confident investor by learning from the best.
Becoming a better investor is a lifelong journey. And not an easy one. You have to learn from the world’s best investors without blindly copying them.
You have to apply textbook knowledge in the real world (always tricky). You have to avoid charlatans (increasingly tricky). You have to avoid information and data paralysis.
All this pain is why we developed The Real Investing Course.

  1. It’s game-changing — delivering insights you won’t find anywhere elsefrom dozens of professional investors.
  2. It’s super-charged — distilling thousands of hours of knowledgeand delivering it to you in less than 10.
  3. It’s lock, stock and barrel — Real Vision acquired and built on the Lex van Dam Trading Academy, a blockbuster investing coursebased on the frameworks developed at one of the top London trading desks.

Oh, and forget about bland PowerPoint presentations by somebody in a shirt…
The Real Investing Course is filmed in an underground bunker, a cinema, and a bar, so you know it’s definitely not boring…
Access a Single Source of Learning That Brings It ALL Together

It won’t make you George Soros overnight. It will help you become a more successful, independent investor. Here’s how:

Once you start The Real Investing Course, we’ll immediately guide you through the course Manifesto, and a 9-minute guide on How To Navigate This Journey. Then it’s time to get started with course curriculum.
The Game of Investing

It’s easy to think the Game of Investing is rigged, or that the markets (or their players) want to mess you up. Reality is that it’s about assessing inputs of information to generate money-making investments. Simple(!)
This 3-lesson module focuses on the broader game, some of its core rules, and some principles to help you navigate the playing field, the players, and the mistakes they make.
What You’ll Learn:

  • How to figure out your own investing style instead of relying on others
  • Why the idea of “Mr. Market” is B.S. (and so is the idea of an investing “holy grail”)
  • The actual first steps you need to take to conquer the inner game of investing
  • The 4 core market truths you need to put on a Post-It beside your computer
  • How to assess your ‘5 types of capital’ (not just your financial capital)
  • How to use context to rein in the wall of information we’re all bombarded with everyday
  • And more

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Real Vision Academy – Real Investing Course

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