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Some of what you’ll discover inside:

  • The single, most effective way to create products and offers with “built-in success”… before you ever even launch them!
  • ​The critical distinction when creating a new marketing campaign: Should you begin with the product or your campaign hook? HINT: One sets you up for success, the other leaves you hamstrung.
  • REVEALED: The biggest money-making campaigns from Agora Financial started with THIS… and it’s the opposite of how average marketers think about product creation!
  • The specific questions a juggernaut Chief Marketing Officer asks about his market before creating a marketing funnel! He says, “This is how we produce huge winners so often!”
  • How to find hooks and marketing ideas you know in advance will drive your prospects wild to buy!
  • ​The Reverse Technique to come up with home run new products or services!
  • ​How to captivate the attention of any market… no matter how crowded, jaded or overexposed they may be… with the “Deep Digging” big money framework!
  • The secret of the Product-Offer-Idea Matrix! And how to “chain them together” so your sales scale big and fast!

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Todd Brown – 17 for 1 SuperBundle

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