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Main Features

List Smasher is designed to get you email leads but more than that, we want you to make money from those leads you get.

For that reason we created a 2-1 software that will help you on getting 100s, even 1000s of email leads and on top of all that, you’ll be able to mail those leads and profit from them!

Introducing ListSmasher!

The world’s easiest way to make huge profits from email marketing!

Build Your List on Complete Autopilot

ListSmasher comes with 2 powerful list builders that will grow an email list for you on complete autopilot!

1) You’ll be able to add beautiful and high converting optin forms in all your posts, all that takes one click with our software

2) You’ll be able to lock parts of the content in your site and ask visitors their email in exchange to unlock that content, which will ethically “force” them to subscribe into your list

With those 2 proven ways of getting leads, you’ll be unstoppable on getting them!

Trevor Carr – List Smasher Free Download