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Learn how to control your risk and Maximise your Profits
What you’ll learn
Learn what is the right mindset for day-trading and how to cultivate such a mindset.
Learn the most important golden rule for day-trading and not to ever deviate from this rule.
Learn how to identify trends objectively, and reduce any subjectivity in personal judgement.
Learn how to recognize and measure momentum, and be able to assess if a trend is likely to end or continue.
Learn when to cut losses, take profits, or maintain existing positions.
Learn how to improve your predictive powers using only selected Fibonacci charting tools
Learn how to read Volume as a key signal in assessing market sentiments.
Learn how to use Fundamental Analysis even while you are doing day-trading or short-term trading
Learn the truth about Chart Patterns and what should we pay attention to.
Learn the common pitfalls most retail traders make, and how to avoid them.
Learn the ultimate secret to winning in day-trading, and how to improve our day-to-day trade performance
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No prerequisites are required except for an open mind and the willingness to learn.
Have you always wanted to find a reliable winning strategy in investing or day trading, but you don’t know where to start? Maybe you’ve already heard of Technical Analysis and maybe already started your journey in investing/trading, but you still can’t find consistent trading/investing results?This course will teach you Step-by-Step, a structured way at analyzing the markets in order to succeed in day-trading, or short-term investing. Contrary to many traditional mainstream courses released out there in the mass media, this Ultimate Master course cuts out all the fluff, and goes straight into the techniques and strategies that actually work for day trading. While many other courses or available materials will tell you to base your technical analysis on Chart Patterns to beat the markets, this course cuts through all the nonsense and we focus on the key elements that actually drives a trend – (1);Momentum, (2) Volume, and (3);Psychological Trendlines / Key levels. In trading, you only trade in line with the trend, and this principle works the same for day-trading. We do whatever that helps us increase our odds of landing profitable trades, on a consistent basis, in the long run.

Ultimate Master Course for Day Trading

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