[SUPER VIP SHARE] Gordon Ryan – Pillars of Defense Leg Locks to Back Takes

  • Learn to not only defend leg locks from a wide range of entanglements, but also consistently expose your opponent’s back for high-percentage backtakes!
  • Gordon explores preventative leg lock defense from a wide range of entanglements including Irimi Ashi, outside ashi, cross ashi, 50/50, and more!
  • Develop contingency plans for each reaction with Gordon’s easy-to-follow system that severely limits your opponent’s options, and allows for fast and decisive movements to take your opponent’s back.
  • Build confidence in your ability to consistently defend leglocks even from the deepest and best leg entanglements.
  • Deal with tricky inversions from Irimi Ashi with rolls, half rolls, and hip drop backtakes!
  • Fire back against opponents with your own heel hook attempts that force opponents to give up their back!
  • Know More. Win More.
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