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Dear Friend,
It all started with a visit to my local gym…
It was a cold January morning in Salt Lake City in 2013, and one of my new year’s resolutions was to get in shape.
Salesman Steve slid the paperwork over his desk to me and as I signed up, I couldn’t help but wonder if I’d beat the stats. Stats? Yeah, ironically, that same morning I had read a news article that said 82% of people who join a gym in January cancel within 3 months!
Woaaah! That’s crazy! That has to be the worst retention rate of almost any industry, right?!
As it happened, this particular gym was well aware of the challenge, and as soon as I had signed on the dotted line, Steve smoothly guided me through a checklist of items clearly designed to WOW me, and avoid the dreaded cancellation.

Andrew Lock – Retention Secrets Free Download