[FREE DOWNLOAD] Chakra Healing – Anodea Judith

The Chakra Healing Quest is so much more than just learning how to use your chakras to elevate specific areas of your life.
What you’ll discover instead is a roadmap of the beautiful interplay that occurs between every single aspect of the human experience, and how you can find that delicate balance in every dimension of your life.
Each day of your 35-day journey, you’ll become more intimately connected to your energetic ecosystem. The deeper you go, the deeper your understanding of your true nature will become. And with it, you’ll unlock new gifts, new levels of self-mastery, and new tools to heal anytime life throws you off-balance.
But this isn’t a typical ‘chakra clearing’ course.

Anodea holds a Masters in clinical psychology, and merges both the ancient Eastern wisdom of the chakras with more modern, science-based Western practices, while engaging all aspects of you — mind, body and spirit.

Here’s everything you get when you enroll:

Full lifetime access to Anodea Judith’s 35-day Quest, Chakra Healing at a generous 24% off.
Begin your journey with thousands of others on 11 May 2020, as you support and uplift each other towards the finish line.
Access to a Mindvalley Tribe Facilitator to guide you and optimize your experience before, during, and after the Quest.
Lifetime access to our private the Chakra Healing Facebook group.
Award-winning customer support, ready to help and answer any questions you might have throughout your experience.
For an extra $50, you can opt for a printable digital Mindvalley Certificate of Completion to recognize your Quest graduation.
FREE Bonus Feature: 5x pre-recorded Q&A calls with Anodea, where she’ll help you become more in tune with your chakras as you progress through the Quest.