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My tried and tested process to create order out of the chaos so that I wake up every morning knowing exactly what I need to do to move the needle. This is the secret to my success.
Carve out your life vision Set up checkpoints to guide you along the journey. Line up your daily and weekly to-dos, the stepping stones to your goal.
Organize all your notes Make sure all your resources and info pop up exactly when you need them. No more forgetting or losing track! Cultivate the right mindset and habits to mold yourself and your life as you want it.
Organize all the key areas of your life… 🚀The Vision 😴The Morning Routine 🎬The Action Zone 🥰My Relationships 💸My Business Dashboard 🎥Creative Library 💃My Queen 🗣️My Stories & Speeches 🏠The Home Base 👷Executive Assistant 🌍My Adventures 🧳The Travel Document 🧠What Did I Learn?
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