[GROUP BUY] Harlan Kilstein – The Facebook Challenge

Work with the Godfather of Facebook groups.

Over the past few years, people have been calling me the Godfather of Facebook groups. My various groups have nearly 2.5 MILLION members.
I specialize in building and growing groups that make extreme profits for their admins.
In the past few years, I’ve sold over 10 MILLION dollars of products largely through Facebook groups.
You’ll discover my exact strategies to build, front load content, share viral content, grow the group, increase engagement, eradicate spammers and more.
You’ll see examples of how I use the group to help me create products they want to buy.
Plus, you’ll learn my strategies for launching products via your Facebook group.
This is a fast moving program to determine whether Facebook groups are for you.
If you are NEW to Facebook groups, this is a great way to get started at a super low cost.
I’m convinced that most folks CAN build a profitable Facebook group. Let me show you how – step-by-step.

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