[FREE DOWNLOAD] James Van Elswyk – LeadGen by GeekOut From December 2022

Get all the trainings from the top speakers at GeekOut and become a master of ecommerce. You’ll get the inside scoop on scaling platforms such as Facebook, TikTok, Snapchat, and Google, plus learn how to churn out winning creative (short and long form copy, video and more). Plus, we’ll cover topics on supply chains, team building, and automating your business with SOPs. It’s the A-Z of ecommerce and the perfect way to build a wildly profitable business.
Here are the topics of the Masterclass:
1. How We Made $14B in 4 months With 1 Loan Offer – Taylor Hendricksen
2. How To Build A Team for Lead Gen – Anthony Sarandrea
3. How We Make $1M A Week with ACA Offers – Brandon Bowsky
4. LeadGen on Native ADS in Europe – Nadim Kuttab
5. How To Run A Pay Per Call Business – Carlos Corona
6. How I Built My own Lead Gen Offer – Manik Sharma
7. Facebook Pixel Ad Strategy for Pay Per Call – Ian Fernando
8. How to NOT GET SUED for Your LP – Ari Rothmen and Shahin Rothermel
9. Optimize Pay Per Calls – Philipp Borgolte
10. Scaling Your Lead Gen Biz to the Moon – David Stodolak
11. Blueprint of Video Ads in Lead Generation – Matt Smith

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James Van Elswyk – LeadGen by GeekOut From December 2022

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