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Dear Friend, 

If you’d like to learn how to launch an affiliate marketing empire with just $10… so you can start earning extra cash to pay off debt, invest for your future, or just so you have enough money at the end of the month to enjoy time with your loved ones… then this is going to be the most important message you’ll read all day.

So, I know what you must be thinking… “if this bootcamp is so awesome… and produced such jaw-dropping results… why have I not heard about it before?”

The answer is simple: “I’ve never publicly released it.”

Let me explain why by telling you the story of how this method came to be…

About 4 years ago my best friend for the last 30 years lost his job. He’d always been curious about what I do online but always had a “eh, it’s not for me attitude” towards it.  

So, I never pressed him to learn anything about it. I hate people who force their views on me so I’d never do it to anyone else.

But, when that pink-slip came, and he had no other prospects… he came to me. I wasn’t that pleased that it took desperation for him to even look my way but he’s my guy so I forgave him and decided to help.

Now, you need to understand something about him.  This guy lives like you just stepped out of the 1950s. He is horrible with computers. He types with two fingers. He only has a facebook account because he found signing up for it confusing, so twitter, instagram… yea right!

Nonetheless, here he was giving me the weirdest puppy dog eyes a 30 something yr old man could give… begging me to please teach him. 

He’s a goofball so he inserts movie references in everything so he started calling me master and bowing whenever I enter the room lol.

Long story short, I started showing him the basics of affiliate marketing and buying traffic and I could see his brain fizzling out.

I had to get creative and very specific with my instruction and over the course of 4 months I took this guy who struggled to sign up for facebook from $0 to $3,000 in monthly commissions. 

He could not believe it. He saw making money on the internet as magic. Today 4 years later. He runs a successful offline agency that does media buying for clients paying between $1,000 – $8,000 per month! 

Now, he creates sales funnels, facebook ads, runs facebook and google adwords paid traffic campaigns, etc like a pro. We catch ourselves laughing at how pathetic he was back 4 years ago. 

Ari Rothland – Zero To Hero Affiliate

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